2022-11-28 15:02:01

It's a big trouble! "The World Cup should dismiss the US team immediately!"

Author: Geng Zhige

According to CNN, the Iranian Football Association is preparing to ask FIFA to dismiss the US team directly from the World Cup, because the latter has tampered with the Iranian flag for political reasons in its World Cup related information.

According to CNN, after the games between Iran and Wales and between the United States and England, when the American Football Association released the World Cup Group B scoreboard on its multiple social accounts, it unexpectedly tampered with the Iranian flag, removing the emblem of Iran from the Iranian flag, leaving only a tricolor flag on the scoreboard.

The American Football Association told CNN that their move was to "support Iranian women in their fight for human rights".

It's a big trouble!

However, some embarrassment is that the support of the American Football Association for Iranian women seems to have ended after only 24 hours, and the relevant posts have disappeared. The American Football Association told CNN that they deleted the post because their performance art was "disposable" and the Iranian flag had been changed back.

The State Department of the United States, which always likes to directly interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, also clarified to CNN that the American Football Association did not instigate this move.

"We look forward to a peaceful and competitive game on the field," said a spokesman for the US State Department.

It's a big trouble!

However, the Iranian authorities do not intend to let go of the American Football Association, which "runs after X". Iran's official Tasnim News Agency posted on social media that the practice of the American Football Association violated the regulations of FIFA on not insulting a country's dignity, and the American men's football team should therefore be banned.

Iran's official media also said that the legal adviser of the Iranian Football Association would directly complain to FIFA about the practices of the American Football Association.

It's a big trouble!

At 3:00 a.m. on November 30, Beijing time, Iran and the United States will play the last game in Group B of the World Cup, which will determine who can be promoted.

At present, FIFA has not responded to the complaint of the Iranian Football Association against the American Football Association.