2022-11-28 13:12:00

Finally welcome the curtain call! Belgium's golden generation is aging, and the World Cup is playing its last game

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is getting closer and closer. Dingge will continue the World Cup tour and give the fans a brief introduction to the situation of the Belgian team in Group F!

In the past, Belgian football was very unpopular in European football, hovering between the second and third class. However, with the emergence of Kompany, Azar and De Brauner, the Belgian team ranked No. 1 in the world in the previous five years. However, the golden generation has been aging, and this will be the last World Cup for some of them!

At the 2018 Russia World Cup, many players of Belgium were at the peak, but they met France in the semi-finals, so they stopped in the top four. Today, most of the important main players of the team at that time are over 30, and Debrouane is the core player of the current Belgian team. Although his personal strength has reached a higher level, it is hard to hide the aging of the overall team.

Despite this, the strength of the Belgian team is still very strong, and the current world ranking is the second. In addition to De Braunet, there are also Lukaku, Azar Brothers, Trossad, Wetsel, Dendonkol, De Ketarare and other players in the middle and front court.

In contrast, the Belgian team's defenders are not so outstanding, and there is a situation of underemployment. The former gold partner Weiertongheng has reached the age of 35, and Aldverelde has reached the age of 33. They are still the main players. There is Kourtua in front of the gate. I'm afraid it's hard for anyone to break the gate of Belgium team.

In the previous golden generation of Belgium, many of the players have retired, and the players who have not left the field will welcome their last World Cup. Although at the peak, they dominated the world rankings for Belgium for a long time, they regretted that they failed to win any major championship, which was their last chance to win the championship for their country.

。 Belgium is divided into Group F this time, and will face Canada, Morocco and Croatia successively. The strong team will wait for the qualification of the group. The goal is to seek a breakthrough before the golden generation completely exits. How far will the European Red Devils go in this World Cup?.