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Fei Junlong: The Chinese dragon flies again

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(Fei Junlong: This is a great cause. I am willing to contribute everything to the manned space flight of our country.)

Fei Junlong was born in an ordinary family in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 1965. He was obedient when he was a child. In 1982, Fei Junlong, 17 years old, suddenly saw the propaganda of the Air Force in the school, which ignited his inner dream of joining the army. He signed up without telling his family. Father was silent for a long time after he knew.

(Fei Junlong: Later, he (his father) said: Since you have made your own choice, you should not regret it. You should be worthy of your choice. This sentence has been with me till now.)

After strict selection, Fei Junlong successfully selected to fly. Later, he completed all the learning and training contents with excellent results by virtue of his excellent understanding and diligent practice. In 1996, Fei Junlong won second class honors for his 1500 hour flight safety.

At that time, China's manned space industry had just started, and his comrades in arms had signed up for him to participate in the recruitment of China's first batch of astronauts. At that time, Fei Junlong felt that the astronauts were out of reach, but he made great efforts to prepare for each inspection. In the end, he stood out from more than 1500 outstanding pilots and became a member of the Chinese People's Liberation Army astronaut corps together with Yang Liwei, Nie Haisheng, Zhai Zhigang and others.

The closer you are to the blue sky, the more effort you need to make. Complex theoretical knowledge, high load physical training, psychological quality training, continuous training day and night for 5 years. In the Shenzhou 5 mission in 2003, Fei Junlong passed the primary election, but he was not the final candidate for the first flight. After a short period of loss, he calmed down to analyze the reasons, and made selecting God 6 his goal. He pasted materials in his learning place and reviewed them all the time. Finally, through unremitting efforts, Fei Junlong was selected into the Shenzhou 6 mission with the first overall evaluation.

。 (Fei Junlong: When I returned, I also took a look at our beautiful earth. At that time, I thought that I would come back to such a beautiful place.).