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"Pull banners and trumpet to ask for the bride price" The boy said: The whole family worked for 510000 yuan and separated after 33 days of marriage

Ding Wei, Jimu News Reporter

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A young man in Henan was facing the breakdown of his marriage. He drove to his wife's home community with a banner and drove the horn to ask for the return of the high bride price. Recently, this matter has aroused heated discussion.

On November 27, Li Shouning, the party concerned, responded to the Jimu News reporter that he was a rural man and spent a total of 510000 yuan to marry his wife, some of which was borrowed. But only 33 days after marriage, the wife returned to her parents' home and began to live apart. He filed a lawsuit for divorce, but the wife did not agree. In order to solve the problem as soon as possible and recover part of the bride price, he had no other way to drive to his wife's home and pull up a banner.

Li Shouning's mother-in-law said that Li Shouning's statement was not completely true, and all the results were awaiting the court's decision.

The young man pulled a banner and asked to withdraw the bride price

It costs 510,000 yuan

[P] to marry a daughter-in-law. Li Shouning is a 25-year-old native of Zhumadian, Henan Province. In 2021, he was introduced by the matchmaker and met the local woman Qian Yulu.

"The two families are very close, only 3 kilometers apart, and we both think each other is good. We have just known each other for three days, and were engaged by the matchmaker." Li Shouning said that after a few days of engagement, he said goodbye to his fiancee and went to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, thousands of miles away to work with his parents. His father entered the construction site and his mother served as a waiter. He gave away takeout.

"In my opinion, I am the one who has a daughter-in-law when I am engaged. I just wait to find a good day to marry her." Li Shouning works outside. He often remembers his fiancee back home. He often gives her some small surprises. The first cup of milk tea in autumn, gifts for Valentine's Day, gifts for Qixi Day, birthday gifts, etc., all of which have a sense of ritual decline. Even for his future mother-in-law's birthday, he went to buy more gifts at 1:00 in the morning to send a filial piety, "because she will also be my mother in the future." Li Shouning is full of expectations for her future marriage.

On January 28, 2022, Li Shouning put on a suit that she had never worn before, married Qian Yulu, and began her new married life. On February 14, 2022, the two received their marriage certificates.

Gold and silver jewelry

The engagement money was 88000 yuan, the wedding bride price was 99000 yuan, gold and silver jewelry was 42000 yuan, the change fee was 22000 yuan, and the money for getting on and off the bus was 15000 yuan Gao Fengying, Li Shouning's mother, said that 160000 of the 510000 yuan was borrowed from relatives and friends.

Soon after the marriage, Li Shouning's parents set out to work, leaving only the newly married couple.

The two parties separated after 33 days of marriage

Li Shouning introduced that at about 9:00 pm on March 3, 2022, when he returned home after a day's work, he closed the door and fell asleep soon. "That day she went to the Ear Picking Shop to help. She came back at 12:00 p.m., but she didn't open the door with the key. Then she called me. When I fell asleep, she went back to her parents' home. The next morning I called back and apologized to her. Then they made up, but she has lived in her parents' home since then." Li Shouning said that his wife has lived in her mother's house for more than two months.

At the end of May, Gao Fengying returned home from other places, and then went to invite his daughter-in-law with his son Li Shouning Li Shouning said that on June 8, he came to his mother-in-law's house again to pick up his daughter-in-law, but this time he still had a very unpleasant scene and even had a dispute. "Qian Yuliu saw me arguing with her mother, so she went to my house to remove the door lock and pack up her clothes. I met her on my way back, and this time we had a complete quarrel." Li Shouning said that his wife blacked his mobile phone number and WeChat and hid.

"My mother-in-law said that since we can't make it, we should get together and get separated, and the property under our own names should belong to each other. I said that we only had 33 days, so you can give us a portion of the bride price. At this time, she immediately turned over and let me tell where I like, and refused to negotiate." Li Shouning said that in order to have a result and recover part of the bride price, he filed a divorce lawsuit with the local court.

In June 2022, the case will be heard in the local court. Qian Yulu did not appear in court, but she told the court through other channels that Li Shouning's claim that the couple's relationship was broken was not true, and they were very close. Qian Yulu also said that she had conceived a child for Li Shouning. On March 3, 2022, she was locked out by Li Shouning, so she did not go back that day. She recovered from a cold and fever for two days, and then returned to her husband's home. "The husband and wife are affectionate, care for each other, and have stable feelings. They resolutely refuse to divorce." Qian Yulu said.

Li Shouning said that the statement of "returning to her husband's family" was purely Qian Yulu's statement. However, Li Shouning said that he did not know his wife was pregnant, and he also had many questions.

In the end, the court did not allow the two to divorce. Li Shouning appealed against the judgment, and the second trial was scheduled to start in December 2022.

Court Judgment

Hanging banners while driving requires returning the lottery

His wife refused to divorce and lost contact, and his mother-in-law's family refused to mediate. Recently, Li Shouning hung a banner on the car and drove the horn to the neighborhood where Qian Yulu's parents lived to ask for the bride price.

The video shows a large banner hanging on the white car body, with yellow characters on the red background saying: "Qian Yulu will not live with me, return my bride price!" Another video shows that there is also a horn on the hood of the car, which circularly plays: "Your daughter and I spent a month, but it's too late to return my bride price..."

The young man pulled a banner and asked to withdraw the bride price

"We have only lived together for 33 days, and we don't ask them to return all of them, just part of them." Li Shouning's mother, Gao Fengying, said that in order to deal with the matter, she had rushed back to her hometown from other places. In order to pay off the debt as soon as possible, her husband continued to work in other places. "My heart aches when I think of the money, and the father of the child worries about it all day long." Gao Fengying said.

On the morning of November 27, Jimu journalists dialed Qian Yulu's mobile phone, but the number was shut down. Later, the reporter called Qian Yulu's brother, but he hung up as soon as he heard the words "Li Shouning".

Qian Yulu's mother said that she did not intend to divorce, but now because Li Shouning has been making trouble all day, there is no way to leave. All the results are waiting for the court's decision. "The money was left at their house, but what he said was untrue. Lulu returned it in June." Qian Yulu's mother said.

"If the money is in our house, why do I go to ask them for it? Qian Yulu did come back once in June, but she returned to her parents' home in the middle of the night." Li Shouning rebuts his mother-in-law's statement.

Li Shouning said that now the whole family wants to solve the problem quickly. "A total of 510000 yuan was spent to get married. The car is in my name, not counting her expenses. We calculated that more than 300000 yuan was spent for her. Her dowry is several quilts and two people's life suits, equivalent to about 10000 yuan. We only ask them to return more than 40000 yuan of gold and silver jewelry and 100000 yuan of cash." Li Shouning said.

Dong Wenming, a lawyer from Hubei Zhenghe Law Firm, said that with regard to the return of bride price, Article 5 of the Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on the Application of the Marriage and Family Code of the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China (I) provides for three kinds of refundable situations: one is that both parties have not gone through marriage registration procedures; Second, both parties have gone through marriage registration procedures but have not lived together; Third, premarital payment leads to difficulties for the payer. If the latter two cases are applicable, both parties shall divorce. In this case, only Li Shouning and the woman can claim the return of the bride price. Because in judicial practice, the court generally requires that married and cohabiting couples claim the return of the bride price after divorce. However, if the two parties live together for a significantly short time, the bride price is paid too high, the woman has an obvious fault for divorce, and the man has made life difficult after paying the bride price, The court will generally decide to return part of the bride price after comprehensive consideration.

In addition, Lawyer Dong said that Article 1042 of the Civil Code stipulates that it is prohibited to ask for property through marriage. The freedom of marriage is protected by law, and no one can ask for property in the name of marriage, or the court will determine it as an illegal act and ask for return.

(Li Shouning, Qian Yulu and Gao Fengying are pseudonyms)

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