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Open campus bus lines, set up express buffer zones, and Tsinghua University takes many measures to make epidemic prevention more warm

Original title: Tsinghua University has taken many measures to make epidemic prevention more heartwarming

[P] by opening campus bus lines and setting up express buffer zones. The campus bus line to and from the campus and the off campus apartment was opened, the physical education teacher incarnated as "big white" to hold special swimming tests for graduates, and set up a "express buffer zone" for students... Recently, the situation of prevention and control of the COVID-19 in Beijing is complex and severe, and there have been "special scenery lines" on the campus of Tsinghua University.

It is reported that since May 6, Tsinghua University has implemented more strict isolation and control measures. At present, the school has strictly closed the school gate, and strict temporary isolation measures have been taken between the family area and the teaching and research area.

Open campus bus line

[P] for students in off campus apartments. "After finishing scientific research late that night, I saw that the car was still waiting for us, and I felt inexplicably moved..." In the twilight quadrangle, students of Tsinghua University lined up in front of the main building to return to Shuangqing Apartment.

This special bus is called "Shuangqing Special Line". It leaves at 7:00 in the morning, and the last bus arrives at 23:30, between the school and Shuangqing apartment. At present, the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing is at a critical stage. To solve the problem of entering more than 1900 students in the off campus student dormitory (Shuangqing Apartment), Tsinghua University provides shuttle bus lines to ensure students' study, research and life. Students first make an appointment for the school bus on the small program, and then wait for the school bus at the gate of Shuangqing Apartment, scan the "Bauhinia Code" to get on the bus and arrive at the campus.

Getting up in the morning and taking a rest in the morning have become the daily routine of Shuangqing campus bus masters. In order to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, they need to live on campus every day. The reporter learned from Tsinghua University that the whole team has 60 or 70 round-trip trips a day, with an average of 10 trips for each master. Disinfection and sterilization will be carried out in each departure car.

It is reported that in order to meet the needs of students to the greatest extent, the working group has integrated the on-site vehicle scheduling, combined with the appointment data, the operation of the day before yesterday, students' feedback, etc., to ensure the traffic capacity, strengthened the information sharing of the South Building, the North Building, the Northwest Gate, the main building and other boarding and unloading points of Shuangqing Apartment, and optimized the work details, departure time, departure frequency, etc.

The school also arranged staff and volunteers to strengthen order guidance, set up waiting lines to guide students to get on the bus in an orderly manner, and set up water signs, information signs, etc. for students to know about the departure situation in a timely manner, and set up tents, waiting buses, etc. at the main building and the Northwest Gate boarding and landing points for students to wait.

Since the opening of Shuangqing Special Line on May 6, as of May 18, about 29450 students have been transported back and forth, and about 1285 vehicles have been used.

The students scanned their yards to get on the bus. The interviewees provided the picture

A special graduate swimming test

On May 14, Zhou Fang, a physical education teacher of Tsinghua University, and eight other physical education teachers came to the Chen Ming Natatorium of Tsinghua University armed as "Da Bai" for the first time. Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, a special swimming test will be held here to ensure the smooth graduation of graduates.

On this day, due to the change of epidemic prevention and control situation, the school further strengthened the school gate control. Except for the approved epidemic prevention and control personnel and the provider, all other personnel are not allowed to enter or leave the school, and the takeout is prohibited to enter the school. The previous application for admission to the university will be suspended temporarily. If there is special need, it will be reported separately.

Zhou Fang, a teacher from the sports department of Tsinghua University, and eight other teachers from the sports department completed more complicated approval procedures than before by submitting Health Treasure, the "double green" code of the travel card, the certificate of not leaving Beijing for seven days, and the nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours. They came to the Tsinghua Park to take classes "through thousands of hardships".

"The main consideration is that the graduating students must pass the swimming test to graduate successfully." Zhou Fang said that all the teachers selected to enter the stadium must ensure that nucleic acid testing is carried out every day in the near future. In addition, they arranged student volunteers to organize swimming tests in advance. They rehearsed every link repeatedly, including assembling the whole team in the outfield, first inspection, second inspection, taking seats at the waiting interval in the grandstand area, warming up in the water, starting from the beginning, and landing at the end.

During the test, they wore protective masks, masks, protective clothing, loudspeakers and walkie talkies on their chests, and could only identify each other by their names. They remotely monitor and command each link of the test process, and keep in touch with student volunteers through walkie talkies and mobile phones at any time.

To Zhou Fang's delight, everything went well in the swimming test that day. A total of 382 students successfully passed the test, including 217 graduates.

Set up express buffer zone to serve students' daily learning and living needs

In order to ensure the orderly study, research and life of students, block the direct contact between couriers and teachers and students, and strengthen the centralized disinfection and sterilization of express mail, Tsinghua University has set up a express buffer zone in the campus teaching and research zone since May 16, where express business is carried out.

It is reported that couriers registered at the gate of the security office can enter the buffer zone through the Yibo Gate, place express pieces on the express shelf, and carry out services. The reception center arranges special personnel to disinfection and sterilization the express mail on the shelf. The school reminds students that it is in a special period of closed campus management, and suggests teachers and students to reduce express bookings on campus.

Since May 19, the school has also optimized the flow line of picking up service, reduced the number of people gathering, prohibited the "hand to hand" delivery of express mail, blocked the direct contact between the courier and teachers and students, and will further standardize the disinfection and sterilization procedure to ensure safety.

At the recent All University Cadres Meeting held by Tsinghua University, Qiu Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, said that since the closed campus management, all teachers, students and logistics staff of Tsinghua University have understood and supported each other, and in the current critical period of the most strenuous epidemic prevention and control, they have built a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control screen. "The whole school should form a consensus, strengthen the sense of responsibility, always keep alert, put epidemic prevention and control work at the top priority, improve the management and command system at all levels, transmit the voice of the school to every teacher and student, and implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements to every detail."

Feng Qi, reporter of Beijing News

Edited by Miao Chenxia and proofread by Yang Xuli