2022-11-27 21:04:01

Nearly 10000 people in Haizhu, Guangzhou, have the intention to relieve themselves, and the work of relieving them is being carried out in an orderly manner

According to the Yangchengpai client, on November 27, the Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou (the 136th in 2022). At the press conference, the relevant responsible comrades of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, Panyu District, and the Guangzhou Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives reported on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in Guangzhou.

Zhang Yi, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, pointed out that Guangzhou continued to implement the 20 measures of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council to further optimize the epidemic prevention and control work. In combination with the current epidemic situation, it orderly carried out staff evacuation work in risk areas to maximize the willingness of staff evacuation in risk areas. A special relief work team was set up. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis and assessment of risks, a work plan was formulated in accordance with the principles of classified policies, batch transfer, safety and order, and strict prevention of spillovers. The willingness to return home and visit relatives and friends was investigated one by one against the personnel roster and relief conditions. The "point-to-point" communication with the relief destination was conducted in advance to achieve the whole process closed-loop management and "double handshake" of return personnel information, Ensure that the return personnel implement the relevant prevention and control requirements of the destination to minimize the risk of spillover.

According to the investigation, nearly 10000 people in key areas such as Kanglu, Longtan, Yijing Duocai and Ruibao in Haizhu District are willing to ease up. As long as the personnel who meet the conditions of "negative nucleic acid test results for 5 days, green health code, and no new cases in the building for 3 days in a row", after receiving 3 days of centralized health monitoring, they can do a good job of personal protection, and can be transported to the destination in or out of the city in a closed loop, so that the relief work is being carried out in an orderly manner. In addition, some units and institutions have implemented the closed-loop production management mode of enterprises, applied for "white list" and "collective code" management, and are resuming production in an orderly manner.

Edited by Deng Shuhong.