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Is the certificate of psychological consultant use

Original title: Is the certificate of psychological consultant useful? Why are so many people taking the exam? Real case sharing!

This article is shared by Zhihu [Teacher Gao, a psychological consultant].

First of all, it is really useful!

You can think about it. If you don't have a certificate, you have learned a lot of skills. When facing a strange visitor, you have neither the certificate of professional knowledge nor the industry reputation and case accumulation. How can you gain the trust of the other party?

If you want to be engaged in the field of psychological consultation, only by obtaining a certificate can you prove your professional ability of psychological theory knowledge and get a stepping stone to the profession!

As for why there are so many people taking the exam, in fact, I have a very real case to share with you.

My cousin usually takes care of her children at home and has nothing to do. She has read a lot of psychology books. Later, I told her that it would be better for you to take a certificate. Anyway, being idle is also idle.

Unexpectedly, she really passed the exam and said that she was very interested in consulting (my cousin is a kind of enthusiastic sister. Usually, relatives in the old neighborhood like to chat with her about family affairs).

Later, I didn't know how she found it. She told me that she had entered several sister groups, all of which were Baoma and full-time wives. They were similar to mutual help groups, where everyone shared and talked.

Then my sister must be the star inside, because she is good at this! And when others know that she has passed the certificate, they are more willing to talk to her. I was busy with her at that time, but I didn't reply to my WeChat.

I went back to my hometown and saw her. She was very happy and said to me with her mobile phone. You see, this is my first time to earn money by consulting! The screenshot shows that the other party gave her 100 yuan.

I was surprised. My cousin had been answering and replying to everyone in the group and even received a consultation! It's also said that the sisters in the group introduced the money. My cousin set the money herself. She said she didn't know what the current price was. She said the lowest price on the Internet was 100, and then she told others that it was 100 (really, really human)

So, in general, whether you want to work or out of hobbies, getting a certificate is the right choice. In the final analysis, the certificate is not only the certificate of your professional knowledge, but also the inspection result after your study.

In particular, with the emergence of the epidemic, the demand for psychological counseling increased sharply, which not only made us pay attention to mental health, but also showed that it was indeed a promising career in the future.

Now, I suggest you register for the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences directly!

Qualification Certificate of Basic Training for Psychological Counselors issued by Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

What kind of organization is this?

The Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the only national level psychology research and teaching institution in China, the first batch of doctoral and master's degree awarding units approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and the first level discipline of psychology.

At present, many psychology related books and examination contents on the market are compiled by the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has strong authority in psychology learning.

After the change of national policy and the government's withdrawal from occupational appraisal, the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized a group of experts at the end of 2017 to respond to the change of policy and the voice of the industry, and developed this training program with the support of the national psychological consultant expert group of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

This is a new project. The curriculum design refers to the National Professional Standards for Psychological Counselors, which is richer, more targeted and more practical than the original certification training.

The course covers the contents of the original Level III textbook and some Level II textbooks. If it is necessary to compare the level with the consultant certificate of the original Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the certificate of this project can be positioned as Level 3+.

There is no doubt that the Certificate of Basic Training for Psychological Counselors issued by the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the most valuable psychological consultant certificate at present.

However, the certificate examination of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can only pass the institutional learning examination, just like the driver's license test, it must be learned through the driving school training. I suggest that they apply for the exam through . They have been focusing on psychological education for 13 years. They are reliable and can't run away!

Finally, I want to tell you that psychological counseling is a subject with a long way to go, and getting a certificate is just a beginning.

In the later stage, we should devote a lot of time and energy to study and practice. If you really love something, you should treat it with real heart. Time and effort will finally tell you the answer!