2022-11-27 13:56:01

Korean Central News Agency: Kim Jong Un Meets with Contributors to the Successful Test Launch of a New Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

[Global Times reporter Mafei Wang Yun] According to a report by the Korean Central News Agency on the 28th, Kim Jong un, the general secretary of the Korean Labor Party, reiterated in his speech the other day that the DPRK should build a more firm, more perfect and stronger strategic force, and that maintaining the security of the motherland and the people with absolute power is the firm will of the strong national defense force of the DPRK. On the other hand, the ROK is worried that the DPRK misjudges the situation and once again takes actions to aggravate tensions.

The Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim Jong Un met with the staff who contributed to the successful test launch of the "Marts-17" intercontinental ballistic missile on the 26th and said that without the support, solidarity and trust of all the people for the cause of enhancing the containment of the country's nuclear war, as well as the warm spirit of love for the country, the DPRK would not be able to achieve its present national defense development, We would like to extend warm congratulations and all the glory to the Korean people who are well prepared for a more severe test. Kim Jong un said that North Korea must grow strong and prosperous, free from any threat, maintain peace, speed up socialist construction, and be responsible for the security of future generations. He reiterated that he will build a more firm, more perfect, and stronger "strategic force" to safeguard the security of the motherland and people with absolute strength.

Kim Jong un stressed that the real defense force is the ability to attack. Only with the offensive force and overwhelming military force that no one can stop, can we prevent war, ensure national security, contain and control any imperialist threats and intimidation. Kim Jong un said that North Korea will make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of national defense construction and develop more powerful attack means to equip the army.

According to the Korean Central News Agency on the 25th, under the personal guidance of Kim Jong Un, North Korea successfully launched the "Mars - 17" intercontinental ballistic missile on the 24th.

However, Yonhap News Agency quoted South Korean government and military sources on the 27th, saying that the ROK and the US judged that the DPRK had launched the "Mars 15" intercontinental missile that had been tested in 2017 according to the number of rocket engine nozzles and the burning time of the first stage rocket. However, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroshi Matano said on the 28th that Japan's relevant analysis remained unchanged and still believed that the DPRK launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile. On the 28th, South Korean Foreign Minister Zheng Yirong, attending the plenary session of the Foreign Affairs Unification Committee of the National Assembly, said that the South Korean and American intelligence agencies were conducting a precise analysis of North Korean missiles based on a variety of information.

South Korea's Unification Ministry said on the 28th that the DPRK launched intercontinental missiles recently, forming a "strong against strong" pattern. On the occasion of several important commemorative days in April, the DPRK may launch another "provocation". According to the prediction of the ROK Unification Ministry, with the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong un's election as the first secretary of the Labor Party (April 11), the 10th anniversary of the first chairman of the National Defense Commission (13) and the upcoming 110th birthday of the late supreme leader Kim Il Sung (15), the DPRK may once again take actions to increase tensions.

The Yonhap News Agency on the 27th quoted a number of South Korean military and government sources as saying that the DPRK is speeding up the repair of the Fengxili nuclear test site in Jeju Prefecture, North Hamgyong, and can conduct a nuclear test as early as mid April. Zheng Yirong said on the 28th that he knew there were signs that the DPRK was ready to restart its nuclear test. In order to facilitate the dialogue between the DPRK and the US, the ROK and the US exchanged talks on the bargaining chips that the US could put forward. However, no consensus was reached and the DPRK could not be informed of the relevant plan. It was worrying whether the DPRK misjudged the situation. South Korean Unification Minister Lee In jung said on the same day that the DPRK may conduct technical tests on nuclear weapon miniaturization and multiple warheads. Yonhap said that if the DPRK provokes again, the ROK military alone or jointly with the United States is more likely to hold large-scale armed demonstrations. At that time, the United States may send B-52H long-range bombers or B-1B strategic bombers to South Korea.

。 After he was elected President of South Korea, Yin Xiyue was criticized by the Korean media many times because of his strong policy toward the DPRK. The "Echo of Unification" of the Korean foreign publicity media said on the 27th that Yin Xiyue was trying to resume the "anti North Korean hostile policy" proposed by the conservative ruling forces. Yin Xiyue's policy tone towards the DPRK fully regards the inter Korean dialogue as a means to achieve denuclearization. He will maintain strong sanctions until the "verifiable denuclearization of the DPRK" is achieved, and will only cooperate and communicate with the DPRK when taking practical denuclearization measures such as nuclear declaration and nuclear facility inspection. This is consistent with the policy of the Lee Myung bak government and Park Geun hye government towards the DPRK. Yin Xiyue is "the crazy follower and curse of the national hostile policy". In another article, the media mentioned the ROK US joint military exercise scheduled to be held next month, and said that after the conservative candidate was elected president, the ROK military militants' anti North Korean hostility became more rampant.. [Editor: Kong Qingling]