2022-10-05 03:34:00

Three black bears in the zoo lie on stilts and cross their legs in different postures, making netizens laugh: Are they mature

Recently, a video of three black bears lying on stilts and crossing their legs in a zoo in Kunming, Yunnan, was on a hot search, attracting many netizens' attention and onlookers. Some netizens laughed after watching it!

It turns out that on October 2, Ms. Tian went to Kunming Zoo to play. When she walked to the Beast Area, she found three Asian black bears with different postures, some lying on the ground and some lying flat. To Ms. Tian's surprise and amusement, she found another bear with its legs crossed leisurely.

Seeing this scene, Ms. Tian felt very funny and that the black bear was also very cute.

Many netizens laughed after watching it, and called the black bear a genius! Some people teased and said: will the black bear steal cassock! Some people also speculate: Is it possible that this is a person? What do you think about this?

The black bear is a mammal of the family Ursidae of Carnivora. The 2012 Red List of Endangered Species of the World Conservation Union ver 3.1 is vulnerable, and it is a national second-class protected animal in China. There are 7 subspecies of Asian black bear, with a body length of 150-170 cm and a weight of about 150 kg. The body hair is black, bright and long, the chin is white, and there is a V-shaped white spot on the chest.