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How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game

As the most worthy film to watch on the National Day this year, the film "Journey Home" conveys the spirit and sense of pride and happiness as a Chinese. In the film, especially when the diplomat played by Zhang Yi sends out, "I just want to take everyone out of this place", the compatriots from other countries are connected with the fans who watch movies in the cinema. In fact, there are too many moving details in The Journey Home. Among them, the sacred mission of a diplomat and the flesh and blood connection between people and the motherland in a special environment are touching. In terms of expression, this time Zhang Yi and Wang Junkai can be described as a "combination of immortals". Zhang Yi's acting skills can not be said much, and the strength of the movie star is beyond doubt. Wang Junkai, as a new star in the movie world, has well expressed his lines skills and various rival plays in The Way Back. As a must see film on the National Day, The Journey Home has blood and love. Some people say that the protagonists in the film are really important. Basically, all the protagonists are like gods. In fact, this is the charm of the film. In reality, many people want to be the leading role in the film. But the reality is very cruel, and we have to go through a lot of hardships. Deng Chao showed why he liked acting and also made a director, because what could not be achieved in reality could be well presented to the audience in film and television works. It is this passion that makes him keep producing good works, which is very popular with the audience when performing. Zhang Yi is also one of them. He chose the latter between the army and actors. In fact, it was very difficult for him, but he proved that he was right with his good acting skills. The real acting skills in "A Long Way Home" appeal to many audiences. After a shot of drinking water, they wipe the water from the corners of their mouths and put it into their mouths. This is a good detail of how to save water resources in the play. In fact, acting skill is to carefully understand the characters in the play and show them through the lens# Journey Home Zhang Yi: What is the winning probability of the game # # Journey Home #

How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game How likely is Zhang Yi to win the game