2022-10-05 02:12:01

Foreign media: South Korean military said that North Korea launched ballistic missiles into the eastern waters, and Japan issued a refuge alert to Hokkaido

According to the Yonhap News Agency in Seoul, the DPRK launched a ballistic missile into the eastern waters of the Korean Peninsula on the same day, according to the news of the South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters (Korean Joint Staff) on the 4th.

reported that the Korean military is analyzing the specific parameters of the missile, such as range, height and flight speed. This is the fifth time that North Korea has launched a ballistic missile in nearly 10 days, which is equivalent to launching a missile every two days. South Korean experts pointed out that the purpose of North Korea's frequent missile launching in recent days is to evaluate and enhance the North Korean military's missile launching capability in a variety of environments, and collect relevant data. Some views put forward that the DPRK has concentrated on launching short-range ballistic missiles in the near future, and may launch medium - and long-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) in the future.

According to the website of Singapore's Lianhe Morning Post, the Japanese Cabinet Office issued a North Korean missile launch alert, instructing residents of several villages in Aomori County, Hokkaido, to take refuge, and temporarily suspended train services in northern Japan.

reported that this is the first time since September 15, 2017, five years ago, that the Japanese government has sent information about North Korea's ballistic missile launch through J-Alert (National Immediate Early Warning System) and M-Net (Emergency Information Network System).

It is reported that the Ministry of Defense of Japan is collecting information to investigate whether it has an impact on Japan. The news also said that it was suspected that the fragments were from ballistic missiles, and the authorities urged ships at sea to pay attention to the information.

reported that Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Kisada strongly condemned the "barbarism" of North Korea to reporters at the Prime Minister's residence that day. The Japanese government has convened officials of relevant departments and institutions to form an "emergency response team", and is collecting information.

Source: Reference News Network