2022-10-05 01:34:01

Poland sent a diplomatic note to Germany: demanding 1.3 trillion US dollars in World War II reparations

(Observer's online news) Reuters reported that on October 3 local time, Polish Foreign Minister Raoul said that he had signed a diplomatic note to Germany requesting Germany to pay Poland about 1.3 trillion dollars in World War II reparations. The note will be submitted to the German Foreign Ministry.

Poland sent a diplomatic note to Germany: demanding 1.3 trillion US dollars in World War II reparations

Reuters report screenshot

Rau announced the matter at the press conference on the same day, saying that the note showed his view that both sides should "immediately" take action to solve the problems caused by Germany's occupation of Poland during World War II in a "permanent and effective way".

Lukasz Jasina, spokesman of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also disclosed that Rau would also mention the matter in person during the visit of German Foreign Minister Berberg to Warsaw on October 4.

September 1 this year marks the 83rd anniversary of Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland. On the same day, Kaczynski, chairman of the Law and Justice Party of Poland's ruling party, read out a report, saying that the Polish government would seek 6.2 trillion zlotys (about 9.08 trillion yuan, 1.32 trillion dollars) from Germany to compensate for the losses caused by the invasion and occupation of Nazi Germany during World War II.

Polish Prime Minister Morawitzki also said at that time that the report was "an important step to regain compensation from Germany", and "without truth and compensation, there can be no real reconciliation between Poland and Germany".

But later on September 1, the spokesman of the German Foreign Ministry wrote in an e-mail to Reuters: "The position of the German government has not changed, that is, the issue of compensation has ended."

The spokesman said that Poland had given up further compensation as early as 1953, and confirmed this many times, "this is the basic foundation of the current European order". The German Foreign Ministry stressed that Germany adheres to its political and moral responsibility for the Second World War.