2022-10-05 01:02:00

Apple (AAPL. US) is also required to "switch

Zhitong Financial APP learned that members of the European Parliament voted to require Apple (AAPL. US) and other companies to adjust products without standard USB-C interfaces to use standard USB-C chargers. As far as Apple is concerned, except that the iPhone still insists on using the closed Lightning interface, most mobile phones have turned to the USB-C interface.

On Tuesday, 602 members voted for the plan, 13 opposed it and 8 abstained. The agreement reached a provisional agreement between the European Commission and 27 EU member states in June this year, but it still needs the final approval of EU member states. These provisions are likely to be written into law in early 2023.

This proposal initially angered Apple, saying it would reduce innovation. However, according to media reports in May, Apple is currently testing future iPhone models, replacing its proprietary Lightning charging interface with a standard USB-C interface. The current Apple laptop and iPad Pro models already use the USB-C interface, as do most popular Android smartphones.

According to the proposed regulation, by the autumn of 2024, all mobile phones and tablets sold in Europe must comply with the regulation. Laptops will take longer to convert. The committee will also be able to formulate standards for future wireless charging.

The European Commission first proposed this proposal last year. Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, told parliament on Tuesday that this means reducing environmental waste and saving consumers about 250 million euros (247 million dollars) every year because they no longer need to buy different chargers for each device.

Vestager said: "Public chargers will simplify European life. There will be no outdated chargers stacked in drawers, reducing costs for European citizens."