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More than 100 villagers trapped on a 400m high cliff are rescued


At about 20:00 that day, the woman who was trapped for more than 10 hours dialed her mother-in-law's phone and exclaimed for help. In a dark mountain village, it rained cats and dogs all the time. Nearly a hundred villagers gathered quickly and launched a life and death rescue.

At 4:10 am the next day, the "mountain village rescue team" composed of nearly 100 villagers made no progress for several times, and the cry for help from the cliff became weaker and weaker. At the critical moment, the village's "cliff climbing master" fell from the sky.

At 5:30, dozens of strong villagers clenched their teeth and grabbed the "lifeline" more than 500 meters long. "Let go, let go, let go..." With several broken drinks coming from the cliff, the woman who had been trapped on the cliff for 19 hours and shivered all over was tied to a "lifeline" as thick as a thumb and swayed slowly down from the 400 meter high cliff. Surprised families and fellow villagers crowded around the shivering women and cried...

Looking back at the 400 meter high cliff

The villagers were amazed at the magic power of saving people

On May 26, the reporter rushed to Zhima Town, Zunyi County, and found the foot of the mountain where the trapped women were successfully rescued late the previous day. "It was too dangerous last night. If we stood on the cliff and looked down in the daytime like this, we would all have to stand unsteadily with weak legs and be able to persist in rescue in the rain for up to 10 hours. This power is amazing." Looking back at the 400 meter high cliff, the villagers who participated in the rescue that night were amazed.

Pointing at the small tree held by the trapped woman at that time, Zhang Shuanggui, a young man who participated in the rescue, said excitedly, "It's amazing how the woman climbed the steep cliff and how she grabbed the small tree for more than 10 hours. This is a miracle and a mystery that is difficult to solve!"

Yang Zhihong was even more moved. He told the reporter: "My daughter-in-law came out without saying hello to her family, climbed up the cliff somehow, grabbed the small tree and shouted for help. Nobody believed it. She was drenched in the rain for more than 10 hours on the 400m high cliff. Fortunately, after being rescued, she was examined by the village doctor, and there was no obvious wound on her body and her mood was basically stable."

Liu Junpei (a local primary school teacher), who participated in and organized the rescue from beginning to end, told the reporter about the breathtaking and touching scene of nearly 100 neighbors in the same village, who braved the heavy rain and felt dark in the mountains, and finally succeeded in rescuing Yuan Yuan (a pseudonym), a woman trapped on the cliff, for more than 10 hours.

The trapped women called for help

The whole village mobilized the "rescue team" for emergency action

Yuan Yuan (a pseudonym), who was just in his early 20s this year, married to Zhuyuan Village, Zhima Town, Zunyi County in the first half of this year. At about 10 a.m. on the 25th, she left home without saying hello to her family. Her mother-in-law Mou Guangqiao couldn't find her daughter-in-law, so she called her quickly, but the phone was turned off. Until around 12:00, the daughter-in-law's phone was still off, and her mother-in-law felt something was wrong. While calling the local teacher Liu Junpei (a relative), she began to call her husband and more than 10 nearby villagers to look for and shout at the front and back of the house, at each fork in the road and on the nearby hillside, but no trace was found.

At about 20pm, it was dark and it was still raining cats and dogs outside. When the family felt at a loss, Mou Guangqiao's mother-in-law's mobile phone suddenly rang, and the phone call was from her daughter-in-law Yuan Yuan. "Mom, call someone to save me, I'm stuck on the cliff of the mountain..."

According to Yuan Yuan's description, Yang Chenghong, Mou Guangqiao and more than 10 villagers in the same village rushed to the foot of the mountain, which was called Jimao Cave by the local people. Because it was too dark and it was raining heavily, the villagers at the scene could not determine the specific location of the trapped. When I dialed the phone again, I only heard her cry, and we followed her description on the phone again and began to look for her. After looking for and shouting at the surrounding mountains and gullies, at about 23:50 pm, Yuan Yuan was finally located. Liu Junpei shouted to Yuan Yuan, who was trapped, to hold on and organize the people on the scene into a "mountain village rescue team". Mou Guangjun, a villager, took the lead in climbing the cliff to try to rescue, but he failed to make progress after several times. His shoes fell off and his feet were scratched. The "rescue team" carried a 500 meter long nylon rope bought from the street to rescue the trapped people through several times of rock climbing. As a result, the rescue was blocked again. Mou Guangjun immediately remembered Mou Zongcheng, who was engaged in rock climbing and risk relief in Zunyi.

The "rescue team" clenched their teeth to rescue

The "cliff climbing master" saved the trapped woman

Mou Zongcheng, after receiving the phone call, asked the on-site personnel to determine the specific location of the trapped people, and drove to the scene from Zunyi as fast as a flash.

At about 4:00 a.m., Mou Guangzong finally arrived at the scene. He immediately went to the jungle more than 200 meters above the trapped woman. After a while of discussion, the rescue was carried out again. More than 10 strong male villagers fixed one end of the rope on a pine tree as big as a bowl mouth, slowly lowered the rope down the cliff, and Mou Guangzong, who was tied with a "life saving rope" on his waist, jumped down the cliff with another rope to rescue him. The villagers who put the rope and Mou Guangzong kept their mobile phones on handsfree to communicate with each other about putting the rope and adjusting the position. After four or five adjustments, Mou Guangzong finally got close to the small tree captured by the trapped woman, and he forcefully grabbed the waist of Yuan Yuan, who had almost fallen from the sky. After fastening the rope, Mou Guangzong hugged Yuan Yuan, who was already unable to support him. He began to call the villagers who put the rope on them and began to pull the rope up. As it was dark, Mou Guangzong was worried that the rope would be cut by the cliff rocks. He immediately called for the rope to be released slowly. After nearly an hour of hard work, the trapped woman finally reached the flat safely. The villagers who clenched their teeth and let go of the rope on the cliff finally breathed a sigh of relief. Family members, relatives and neighbors of the same village crowded around Yuan Yuan and cried loudly, letting the pouring rain rain from head to foot.

Reporter's note: Da Ai relay in the mountains

rushed to the scene to organize and coordinate and remind the local police station of safety. Zhou Kaike, a police officer, told the reporter that he had seen such a spectacular rescue scene for the first time in more than 20 years. After interviewing the touching stories of nearly 100 villagers saving people from cliffs, the reporter saw a life and death rescue and felt a great love of mountain relay through the simple stories of villagers. In this small mountain, the villagers have emerged with great combat effectiveness, which is shocking.

At present, the doctor of the village health center has checked that there are no obvious scars on the rescued woman, and her mood is basically stable. (Author: Mu Xiang, a poet of the Eastern Wu Dynasty, Yong Wu Qilin)