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Still waiting? This group of young people have gone to Hegang for a reverse holiday!

Tired of tiredness and aesthetic fatigue, young people who have become the main consumers are becoming less and less interested in popular scenic spots and routes. "To find a place with few people or even a cold place to stay for a few days" has become a new tourism appeal for young people to escape from urban life for a short time. This reverse vacation against the current has begun to attract the attention and approval of young people.

This summer, the Hegang Hotel experience notes shared by a blogger won thousands of likes. The experience of "300 yuan a night for a high-end hotel" has made people in the comment area constantly say "I want to go to Hegang!" Many young people also share their hometown's popular tourist attractions, claiming that they are the same as Hegang - less people, less money and better service.

At present, young people have become the main consumer group in the tourism industry, and the post-90s and post-00s generations account for half of the country. To serve these people well, tourism enterprises must understand this generation of young people enough and keep up with their needs to "play together". If you still wait, sorry, you will be abandoned.

Why do young people want to go to "Hegang" to play

Hegang's last outing? It was only a few years ago that they could buy a low-cost apartment for 50000 yuan. This inconspicuous small city in the northeast was sought after by young people this summer because of the five-star hotel experience of 300 yuan a night spread on social media, and became the "Maldives" in the hearts of young people. Many people commented that "I want to go to Hegang!" Many young people also share their hometown's cold tourist attractions, claiming that their hometown is the same as Hegang - less people, less money and better service.

[P. It seems that these young people go to "Hegang Town" for a reverse vacation, which is beyond the expectation of traditional thinking.

But if you think about it carefully, the choice of reverse tourism seems absurd, but it is reasonable. Hegang is a small city with few people, good scenery, pleasant climate, strong human feelings, and a sense of childhood. Moreover, the price is reasonable and the cost performance is extremely high.

Tired of tiredness and aesthetic fatigue, when young people in big cities who work from 9 to 5 just want to escape from urban life for a few days, or even just want to find a hotel to "lay dead" for a few days, "Hegang like town" will certainly be a good choice for a healing existence.

The 2022 National Day Forecast Report released by Ctrip also confirms this. The report shows that the high star hotels in some third, fourth and fifth tier cities are also very popular on this National Day. The five-star hotels in Hegang, Yixing, Jiashan, Mianyang and other small cities only cost three to four hundred yuan during the National Day, attracting many people to book hotels to travel.

Young people pursue "different"

The mission of contemporary young people is to build new ways of thinking, behavior and values. The new consumption mode pursued by contemporary young people is labeled as "breaking the old and creating the new". By understanding these, we can understand the logic behind the sudden explosion of many niche products. As a tourist, in order to better serve young people, it is necessary to break away from the traditional product ideas and models.

The "Please get on the bus at weekends" brand launched by Mafengwo in recent two years to explore the ideal weekend life for young people is a typical example. "Please get on the bus at weekends" has carried out nearly 100 weekend activities with different themes, including camping, trekking, paddle board, yoga, frisbee, curling, cycling, spike ball (mini volleyball), fly fishing, underwater hockey, impromptu comedy, black glue, swing dance, indoor surfing, etc.

"Most young people who talk about 'home' do not want to go out on weekends. Once they have some inspiration or opportunity, they will not refuse an imaginative weekend." The person in charge of "Please get on the bus at weekends" said that some users bought eight different events, and the users who paid the most spent more than 10000 yuan in total, and the age of these users was 25-35 years old, accounting for the highest proportion.

Cui Li, co-founder of Qiyou.com, believes that the current tourism consumption trend has already undergone disruptive changes. "If you want to serve young people, you must know them well." The data on poor travel shows that in recent two years, theme and quality line products such as natural exploration, wild luxury, self driving, hiking, cycling, photography, RV, etc. are highly praised by young people, and more tourism businesses will emerge in the future. "The industry will certainly experience a wave of elimination and baptism." Cui Li said that although many scenic spots and tourism enterprises have made active exploration on the changes in the structure of tourism consumer groups and consumption trends, many enterprises and businesses still remain stagnant.

Will young people still join the tour group?

Many practitioners in the industry believe that there are no young people in the tour group now, and the old people are the participants. But in fact, do young people really not join the League anymore? Of course not. But young people value quality and value more.

As far as the upcoming National Day holiday is concerned, Ctrip's 2022 National Day Forecast Report shows that as of September 15, half of the people who placed orders for National Day products were after 90 and 00, accounting for 42% and 7% of the total, while the post-80s accounted for 35%. The data shows that during the National Day, the bookings of theme products of the local delegations in Beijing increased by 167% year on year. It is also worth noting that the group tour products during the National Day are mainly reserved for people aged 25 to 30. In addition, young travelers prefer to spend a long holiday to enjoy the beauty of the holiday. During the National Day, Ctrip's 6-8 day group orders accounted for 77% of the total group orders.

The age of tourists tends to be younger. Young people have stimulated various new outdoor activities in the city, especially Frisbee, cycling, wakewave surfing, canoeing, waist flag football and other trend sports. The report shows that the search popularity of frisbee, canoe and one-day ride products has increased by 50%, 74% and 80% respectively. In addition, theme line products such as natural exploration, wild luxury, self driving, hiking, photography, RV, etc. are also highly praised by young people.

The tourism industry has been gradually recovering, but many tourism enterprises and practitioners have always felt that there is still no business to do, which has the impact of the epidemic, but the core problem may be that the structure of tourist sources has been changing, and the market demand has been changing, but if you can't keep up with these changes, the longer you wait, the farther you will be left behind.

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