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Poland asked Germany for 850 billion World War II compensation. Has Germany ever lost Polish money in the past decades

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The relationship between Poland and Germany is not very good these two days. Poland is very angry. Germany promised to give Poland its most advanced tanks, but it gave more than 20 old tanks in the 1960s. So some people in Poland turned over their old scores.

A member of parliament in Poland proposed that Germany's flash attack on Poland in World War II had caused the loss of millions of Polish people. How about this account? As a defeated country in the war, Germany should compensate for its losses, so the Polish legislator proposed that Germany should compensate Poland for war compensation of up to 850 billion dollars.

Let's put it this way. In the past few years, as long as Germany and Poland had a bad relationship, Poles would raise the question that you Germany owed us money. You made us miserable in World War II. When did you pay the war compensation? For Germans, they also felt that Poland was unfriendly in this way. Why do you say that? Do you know? For Germany, compensation is a real pain. Many people have said why the Second World War started more than 20 years after the end of World War I. This is because after World War I, the victorious countries gave Germany too many demands for reparations, which made Germany feel overwhelmed economically. The Germans felt very angry, which caused the outbreak of World War II on the contrary. After the end of World War II, the victorious countries also took into account that they could not force Germany too hard economically. It would be bad if you had another three wars.

Poland asked Germany for 850 billion World War II compensation. Has Germany ever lost Polish money in the past decades

[P, The Soviet Union lost tens of millions of people in the Great Patriotic War. You Germany must make some compensation. But Germany was already subjugated at that time, and there was no independent Germany. How can you ask him for money? So why don't you just dismantle his factory and move it back to the Soviet Union. Later, the three occupied areas of Britain, America and France were merged to form the new Federal Germany, and the Soviet occupied area became the new democratic Germany. After losing a lot of territory and population, the two German countries were established separately. Then can we let the two new countries make war reparations?

[P, Britain or France or the United States, the victors did not split, but it was different after World War II. A few years after World War II, according to Churchill, the Iron Curtain fell from Europe, and the world was divided into two camps, one led by the United States, one led by the Soviet Union, the Federal Germany in the United States camp, and the Democratic Germany in the Soviet camp. So how do you ask for compensation at this time, How to increase the lineup and strength of our forces to fight against another camp.

[P, In this state, you can't ask Germany for money. In 1953, the United States took the lead in saying that it would give up its war claims against the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Soviet Union immediately said that it would give up its war claims against the Democratic Republic of Germany. So the two big brothers did so, and those servant countries did the same, especially those in Eastern Europe, Poland and Romania. People gave up their war claims against the Democratic Republic of Germany, that is, after World War I and World War II, The world pattern was completely different. After World War I, the victorious country made a very harsh punishment clause for Germany, asking it to pay a large sum of money. After World War II, almost no country asked Germany for war reparations. But this matter was different after the drastic changes in Eastern Europe and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

[P, So the new Polish regime believed that we had given up the compensation under the coercion of the Soviet Union in the past. Now that our regime is new, we are entitled to compensation.

[P? So when Cole asked for the reunification of the two Germans, he signed a 2+4 agreement. The two Germans, together with the Soviet Union, France, Britain and the United States, signed an agreement to explain the past. After the reunification of the two Germans, Germany continued to pay billions of dollars in compensation to Greece and Poland. This is a symbolic relief, but there has been no large amount of compensation, but the Germans also want to, This is an old story 70 or 80 years ago. Your previous government has made a promise that we would not make compensation. Now, we are rich, we are rich, and we are the most powerful country in the EU economy. Instead, we have to turn over the old scores and ask for the money?

To tell the truth, not only Poland but also Greece asks Germany every once in a while. Especially a few years ago, during the Greek financial crisis, some Greek legislators said that we are so poor now. If we ask Germany for hundreds of billions of dollars in economic compensation, our economic problem will not be completely solved. However, for Germany, today his burden is already heavy. The Russia Ukraine war has encountered an unprecedented energy crisis. Germany had an export deficit in May. How could he have a lot of money to pay Poland as compensation?

Original author: Li Chengwei