2022-10-04 12:12:01

Pescoff: The United States has increased its LNG prices and sales

[News page - Taiwan. com]

The press secretary of the Russian President Peskov said on October 3 that after the leak of the "Beixi" natural gas pipeline, the United States had increased the price and sales of its liquefied natural gas.

Peskov said that the United States could sell more LNG at a higher price when the "Beixi" natural gas pipeline could not be used. He stressed that neither Europe nor Russia would benefit from the "Beixi" gas pipeline leakage. Peskov did not disclose who the Russian side believed was behind the leak of the "Beixi" natural gas pipeline, but he said that some countries have the military and technical capabilities to deliberately destroy the "Beixi" natural gas pipeline.

In addition, the Russian News reported on the 3rd that a US military helicopter was flying over the "Beixi - 1" and "Beixi - 2" pipelines the night before the leak of the "Beixi" natural gas pipeline.

On September 26, the two major Russian gas pipelines "Beixi-1" and "Beixi-2" leaked on the same day, and underwater explosions were detected in the waters under the jurisdiction of Denmark and Sweden. Many European countries suspect that the leakage is caused by "sabotage". (Source: CCTV News Client)