2022-10-04 12:04:01

Do you support the elderly to return to the workplace? The old man buys a car for his son and wants to brush his sense of existence

[# Do you support the elderly to return to the workplace #? # The elderly buy a car for their son and want to brush their sense of existence #] After retirement, should they take care of themselves or do something# On the arrival of Double Ninth Festival #, @ called in an emergency to talk about the topic of "re employment of the elderly" with many citizens and silver haired workers in the workplace. Lin Yugang, a 66 year old commercial photographer, bought his son a car worth more than 200000 yuan with the money he earned from re employment. Zhang Mingqing, a 55 year old domestic agent, came to Beijing from Chongqing after retirement and wanted to earn more. Wu Di, a 75 year old model, has broadened her horizons by doing what she likes. Sun Qiuhong, a 55 year old homemaking aunt, has lived a more fulfilling life thanks to her re employment. (Reporter: Ma Yifei Director: Zhu Bisheng Producer: Zhang Xiaoran Operation: Zhang Gaoge)