2022-10-04 11:12:01

Have you cured your anxiety after reading articles on health care for so many years?

To be honest, since I became a small editor of health articles, my biggest headache every day is how to select topics.

What do you see when you open the headline health field?

At least in my opinion, it is the content of the "headline party" that controls the whole field.


Are all minor editors unable to write healthy articles without the "title party"? Of course not.

It can only be said that compared with the author of the article, they tend to be more shrewd businessmen and use the reader's information asymmetry and fear to do business. All health care articles are actually treating the same symptom: anxiety.

Just as no one can guarantee that he will not get sick in his life, no one can guarantee that a serious illness will not completely destroy the stable life of his family. When hospital consultation has become a luxury, and the physical condition is like Schrodinger's cat, which can not get health protection, many people only get health information through these specious judgments and "knowledge" on the Internet.

However, the platform aiming at traffic is inherently difficult to undertake the obligation of authoritative science popularization. As a result, many minor editors fall into such a strange circle: the more professional science popularization articles are written, the more difficult it is to get attention. The more the title party and the more difficult to verify diagnostic and treatment methods are, the more eye-catching it is for people to click and read. As a result, bad money keeps driving out good money, and more and more people bend over in front of traffic.

Health articles are losing their original intention to provide users with health knowledge.

Back to the original question: Why do I have a headache?

Because I don't want to use less authoritative and ambiguous health knowledge to deal with people who really need help. If health articles become appalling just for traffic, and sell anxiety without providing any real value, then they have no meaning.

In fact, does anyone not know about a healthy lifestyle? Choose seasonal vegetables and fruits. Go to bed before 10 o'clock. Don't eat anything two hours before going to bed. Eat less fried stimulating food, eat less and eat more, and exercise moderately. This is a common sense that everyone can say, and it is also a real healthy wisdom. But how many people are really willing to do it?


Please learn to give your body and mind time to relax at ordinary times, and go to the physical examination if you feel abnormal or uncomfortable. When you are no longer anxious to refresh the "Headline Party" health article on your mobile phone, congratulations on your taking a step closer to health.