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Tesla's share price collapsed, and its market value evaporated by 500 billion a day! BYD sells more than 200000 cars in a month

From: Daily Economic News

Daily Economic News, Tesla's quarterly delivery reached a new high.

On October 3, Tesla released the third quarter 2022 automobile production and delivery report. Data shows that Tesla produced more than 365000 vehicles and delivered more than 343000 vehicles in the third quarter. The quarterly delivery performance reached a new high, with a year-on-year growth of 42.4% and a month on month growth of 34.9%.

However, Tesla's delivery volume in the third quarter was not as high as 357900 vehicles expected by analysts.

Affected by this, Tesla's share price plummeted on October 3 local time. By the end of the day, Tesla's share price had closed at $242.40, down 8.61%, with a total market value of $759.6 billion and an evaporation of about $71.5 billion (about 508 billion yuan).

Tesla's share price collapsed, and its market value evaporated by 500 billion a day! BYD sells more than 200000 cars in a month

has increased 62 times in ten years

From different models, the delivery volume of Model S and Model X is 18700; Model 3 and Model Y delivered 325200 vehicles.

Tesla's share price collapsed, and its market value evaporated by 500 billion a day! BYD sells more than 200000 cars in a month Production and delivery data in the third quarter. Photo source: Tesla China

It is worth noting that the output in this quarter is 22000 more than the delivery. Such a large production and sales gap is relatively rare for Tesla.

Tesla said that, for a long time, because of the mass production mode for different regional markets, Tesla's delivery volume will rise sharply at the end of each quarter. With the continuous increase of output, the challenge of ensuring transportation capacity at reasonable cost during the peak period of logistics transportation is also growing. In the third quarter, Tesla began to transition to "more balanced mass production per week for different regional markets", which led to an increase in the number of vehicles still in the process of transportation at the end of this quarter. These vehicles in transit have been ordered and will be delivered to the customer upon arrival at the destination.

It is worth mentioning that according to the production and delivery report data of Tesla in the third quarter over the years, the delivery volume in the third quarter has increased by more than 62 times since 2013 to 2022.

Photo source: In terms of surging news

, in the middle of this year, Tesla upgraded the production capacity of its Shanghai factory, increasing the weekly output by 30%, reaching a maximum of 22000 vehicles. The second quarter financial report shows that the annual production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai factory has exceeded 750000 vehicles, which is the highest production capacity of Tesla's super factory at present.

According to the data of the Passenger Transport Association, from January to August this year, Tesla's Shanghai factory has sold nearly 400000 vehicles. Among them, the sales volume in July was 28217 units, and the total sales volume in August reached 76965 units. Previously, foreign media reported that the output of Shanghai Super Factory in September would break the record again, exceeding 80000 units.

BYD's sales volume in September exceeded 200000

. Compared with Tesla's delivery volume, BYD's sales volume in September significantly exceeded the market expectation.

On October 3, BYD also disclosed the "report card" of sales in September. In September, BYD sold 20.13 million new energy vehicles, up 183.07% year on year. From January to September, BYD sold 1.18 million new energy vehicles, up 249.56% year on year.

Tesla's share price collapsed, and its market value evaporated by 500 billion a day! BYD sells more than 200000 cars in a month

On October 3, BYD disclosed its production and sales report in September. The announcement showed that the production and sales of BYD's new energy vehicles in September were 204900 and 201300, respectively, with year-on-year growth of 118.12% and 183.07%. In September, BYD sold 7736 new energy passenger vehicles overseas.

From January to September, BYD's cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.1916 million and 1.1801 million, up 248.74% and 249.56% year on year.

In terms of battery sector, the total installed capacity of power battery and energy storage battery of BYD's new energy vehicles in September was about 8.61 GWh, and the cumulative total installed capacity in 2022 was about 57.49 GWh.

According to the Associated Press of Finance and Economics, BYD's performance in September showed a situation of multiple flowering. Among them, the Han Dynasty series sold 31497 vehicles in September, with a cumulative sales of more than 330000 vehicles; 15058 vehicles in Tang Dynasty, more than 380000 vehicles in total; 46475 in Song Dynasty, more than 1.34 million in total; 39515 vehicles in Qin Dynasty, more than 760000 vehicles in total; RMB 23503, more than 370000 vehicles in total; Among the marine families, 7473 seals, 059101 destroyers and 24956 dolphins were sold in September.

Tesla's share price collapsed, and its market value evaporated by 500 billion a day! BYD sells more than 200000 cars in a month

Among the eight major products mentioned above, the performance of other models, including Han, Tang and Dolphin, is standard; Only the sales of seals listed in July surprised the industry. As a seal born of BYD e-platform 3.0 technology, it was once expected by BYD. However, this new car produced in BYD's Changzhou factory was limited by the production capacity and failed to contribute more sales to BYD in September.

On the whole, the performance of seals has become a microcosm of BYD's tight production capacity. According to incomplete statistics, BYD currently has eight production bases in China, including Shenzhen, Xi'an, Changsha, Changzhou, Fuzhou, Hefei, Jinan and Zhengzhou, with a total planned capacity of 3 to 3.5 million vehicles. According to the analysis of market personnel, considering the production and plant construction progress, BYD's actual production capacity this year may be 1.7 million vehicles. Among them, 206000, 219000 and 240000 were in October, November and December respectively.

In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, BYD has continued to make efforts in overseas markets since this year. According to the data disclosed on October 3, BYD exported 7736 vehicles overseas in September, up 51.92% month on month. On September 28, at the press conference of BYD's new energy passenger vehicles in Europe, the official released the overview of the first batch of models entering the European market. The first models will include BYD Tang, Han and SUV ATTO. By the end of this year, BYD will further explore the French and British markets.

Looking forward to October, an insider of BYD said that the release of the new factory's capacity will, to some extent, ease the current situation of tight capacity. In addition, according to Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Denza Sales Business Unit of BYD, as of September 30, Denza D9 had ordered more than 28000 vehicles in 38 days after its listing.

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