2022-09-27 18:26:01

250000 college students in the 10 yuan lottery

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1. Wuhan college students won 250000 yuan in the 10 yuan lottery. The whole school was watching. Netizens: It's not a good thing for students

It's definitely a happy thing to win the lottery. Every year, there are some big prizes that attract people to watch. However, it's not common for college students to win big prizes in the lottery. A college student in Wuhan, Hubei Province, was lucky enough to win 250000 yuan in the 10 yuan lottery, which suddenly made the whole school boiling, Many people came to watch

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2. Wuhan University students won 250000 in the lottery. The whole school was silent. Fan Wei won 5 million in the role.

Recently, Wuhan University won 250000 in the lottery with 10 yuan during the closure of the school. This is a scratch and open lottery. What makes people feel silent is that the whole school is boiling. I don't know if the friend who won the prize will win five million yuan in Fan Wei's sketch, just like Fan Jin won the lottery. His heart is like a mad rabbit, and he can't sleep at night. It depends on his psychology...

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