2022-09-23 10:12:00

Several universities adjust the National Day holid

In recent days, many colleges and universities across the country announced that they would adjust the National Day holiday time, and they would go to work and attend classes from October 3 to 7 or from October 4 to 7.

[P; From October 3 to 7, classes will be held on normal working days, and the rest time of National Day will be added to winter vacation.

On September 22, the notice issued on the official website of Hunan Normal University said that according to the requirements of the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Festivals and Holidays in 2022 (GBMDD [2021] No. 11) and the Notice of the Provincial Department of Education on the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic Situation in Schools during the Mid Autumn Festival National Day Holiday, the school decided to adjust the time of the National Day holiday in 2022 based on the actual situation of school education and teaching and epidemic prevention and control. There will be a three-day holiday from October 1 to 3, and a normal rest on October 8 (Saturday) and October 9 (Sunday). The adjusted two-day National Day holiday without rest will be taken into consideration when arranging winter vacation. From October 4 to 7, all teachers and students of the school go to work and attend classes normally. The specific class arrangement will be notified by the Academic Affairs Office and the Graduate School separately.

the notice also requires that during the holidays, all units should strictly implement the requirements of the work plan for the normalization and prevention of COVID-19 epidemic in Hunan Normal University. In principle, teachers, students and staff should not leave the province, and they should not leave Changsha City if necessary. If they really need to leave Changsha City, they should strictly follow the approval procedures. When returning to school after leaving, a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours must be provided. When returning to school outside the province, the measures of "landing inspection" and "two inspections in three days" must be implemented. After returning to school, the requirements of the latest epidemic prevention and control policy of Changsha City must be strictly implemented.

Central South University also adjusted the National Day holiday arrangement in 2022. After adjustment, there will be a holiday from October 1 (Saturday) to October 3 (Monday); Regular work and classes from October 4 (Tuesday) to 7 (Friday); On October 8 (Saturday) and 9 (Sunday), we will have a normal rest, and teachers and students with teaching arrangements will go to class as usual. The two-day vacation without rest is included in the winter vacation.

According to the notice issued by Beijing Technology and Business University on September 21, the school is scheduled to have a three-day holiday from October 1 (Saturday) to 3 (Monday). Go to work and have classes normally from October 4 (Tuesday) to October 7 (Friday), and have a normal rest on October 8 (Saturday) and October 9 (Sunday). Due to the adjustment of the National Day holiday, the students' winter vacation in 2023 will be correspondingly advanced.

A little earlier, on September 19, the Notice of China University of Mining and Technology on the Arrangement of the National Day Holiday in 2022 said that there was a three-day holiday from October 1 to 3; No compensatory leave will be arranged from October 4 to 7, and normal work and classes will be held; The time of compensatory leave originally scheduled for the 4th to 7th day will be restored to October 8th and 9th, which will be arranged according to the weekend. The two-day holiday will be adjusted to the 2023 winter vacation. The winter vacation will be taken two days in advance, and the time will be adjusted to January 5th to February 19th, 2023.

The school said that this was an arrangement made according to the requirements of the local education competent department and the epidemic prevention and control work, combined with the actual work.