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envy! In other peoples schools, Nanjing primary sc

Recently, the news that the 2022 freshmen of Nanwai Fangshan Branch achieved "lying down and sleeping" during their lunch break was displayed on the Internet, which attracted a lot of envy. Netizens lamented: "Other people's schools!"


The 360 sets of desks and chairs will "deform"

envy! In other people's schools, Nanjing primary school students can

In the new semester, the freshmen of Nanwai Fangshan Branch are surprised to find that not only the classroom is warm and beautiful in the primary school campus, but also their desks and chairs can "deform" - just adjust the back and unfold the board at the foot, and the chair will instantly become a lounge chair. It's more comfortable to lie down and take a nap!

envy! In other people's schools, Nanjing primary school students can

[P According to Chen Libin, the vice principal of the school, such a set of desks and chairs costs more than 1000 yuan. They are customized according to the standards for students' desks and chairs set by the Education Bureau. All materials meet the environmental protection standards. The school also specially invites a third-party professional organization for acceptance. A total of 360 sets are purchased this time to ensure that each child has one set. "After using it for more than two weeks, the children are very fond of it, and the parents are also full of praise. In the past, sleeping on the stomach was not only uncomfortable, but also affected the growth and development of children. Now, lie down at noon and have a good rest, so that they can have enough energy to go to class and activities in the afternoon."

envy! In other people's schools, Nanjing primary school students can

[P. "We think that" double reduction "is not only to reduce students' heavy academic burden, but also to let children get enough exercise in school, which requires adequate rest to ensure. We not only pay attention to the quality of education and teaching, but also pay more attention to the all-round development of students." Chen Libin, Vice President, said.

So warm!

Nanjing Primary School created a "warm lunch room"

envy! In other people's schools, Nanjing primary school students can

The reporter learned that Nanjing Jiaying Primary School pays special attention to the sleep management of children, strengthens the implementation of the lunch clock system every day, and allows students who eat at school to take a 40 minute nap every noon, which is just the time for a class. At the same time, the school strives to do a good job of practical affairs, and tries every way to upgrade students from "sleeping enough" to "sleeping well".

envy! In other people's schools, Nanjing primary school students can

First grade children have just entered primary school from kindergarten, not only have their learning tasks increased, but also their school hours have been generally extended by participating in after-school services. The school has fully considered the needs of children. In order to help children adapt to the pace of life in primary school and achieve a smooth transition from "childhood to childhood", since last year, the school has specially added a "warm lunch room" using spare classrooms to provide each child with a solid wooden single bed, so that the children can take a lunch break in a quiet and comfortable environment, which not only ensures the sleep time, but also improves the sleep quality.

Before taking a nap, the teachers will lead a group of elves to the playground to take a leisurely walk, eliminate digestion, and then go back to the sleeping room to take a nap. Sometimes, some children will be unable to sleep for a while, looking at the teacher eagerly, and the teachers will patiently squat down to cover their quilts and tell them a bedtime story.

Shi Xingyun, the headmaster of Nanjing Jiaying Primary School, introduced that the children who had had a full rest were obviously more energetic and showed positive performance in the afternoon study, with their eyes wide open. Many children said happily, "Since the lunch break, I don't feel sleepy anymore in the afternoon! I concentrate a lot when thinking about problems, and I feel more relaxed!" Not only that, the children made their own quilts and beds, but also improved their self-care ability, and their life skills were trained.

"The school is very considerate. It provides the children with a lunch break room and a lunch break bed so that they can have a good sleep at noon and have a better spirit to study in the afternoon!" Parents have praised the school's nap clock in warm and thoughtful!

Trainee reporter Liu Mengqi, Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Wang Ying

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