2022-09-23 09:22:01

Womens sportswear is accused of being too explicit

Jimu News Reporter Liu Yi

Trainee reporter Shu Longhuan

Recently, the national first-class athlete "A Shuang" was criticized by netizens for wearing a "swimsuit" to participate in the triathlon because of his tight sportswear. It was too explicit and inappropriate. Afterwards, "A Shuang" responded publicly that the sportswear he wore was not a swimsuit, but a special Triathlon suit for the competition. Industry insiders said that the sportsman's dress was in line with the regulations.

Contest clothing was accused of being inappropriate

"Ashang" was accused after an triathlon in the middle of this month. A Shuang won the third place in the competition and released a video celebration on the social platform after the game. However, the blue and black tight sportswear she wore at that time attracted criticism from many netizens, and even some netizens said that it was inappropriate for her to wear a "swimsuit" to participate in the competition.

[P. Triathlon is a relatively small sport in China. Many friends don't understand it very well, so it's normal to question it. She hopes to do her little to promote the sport, and also hopes that everyone can be more tolerant and not go online to expose others.

A triathlon referee said that the triathlon competitions compete in swimming, cycling and running at the same time. There are two types of clothing specifically for the triathlon, namely, the one piece and the two section clothing. In early competitions, the two section clothing was the main style. With the development of time, the one piece clothing is more popular than the two section clothing because it is suitable for swimming and reduces the physical resistance.

The referee said that there was nothing wrong with the Triathlon clothes worn by "A Shuang". Netizens questioned the athlete's Triathlon clothes, which actually reflected that the public had little knowledge about Triathlon, its equipment and clothing.

(The pictures in the article are from the social platform video screenshots)

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