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Zhong Zhentaos second daughter the most fierce new

The 71 -year -old Zhong Zhentao (Brother B)

Zhong Zhentao's second daughter

As a newcomer, Blythe's background is definitely strong and strong. Recently, he wore a tube top dress to appear in Shanghai to attend the brand event, followed by his father and multiple front lines The male stars are sitting together in a row. Everyone chats and takes photos. The atmosphere is quite good, including Lin Junjie, Wang Jiaer, and Li Xian, which makes many netizens very envious. The second public event appeared, and when I saw the long -lost brothers playing in the Shanghai event, I was happy. His sister Zhong Jiaqing also seemed to be very envious of her, because her idol Li Xian had a appearance in the event. Li Xian was in a black suit that night, and the sun was handsome. The cool performance of Lin Junjie, the big daughter Jia Qing's WallPaper idol Li Xian was handsome, DJ Chace taught Xiao Zhongyi while playing discs on the spot, the wine beautiful people were happy one night. DIV> DIV> DIV> :! W-FULL JS-AD-SLOT>

Zhong Zhentao's second daughter

Zhong Zhentao's second daughter Although he is not at the scene, Zhong Jiaqing is in order In the photo of Dad and Li Xian, he put his beautiful picture P in front of Li Xian's mind. The picture was very funny. She left a message saying, "You want the P picture, I tried my best to hahaha. Putting herself into Li Xian's arms. "The reason why Li Xian liked Li Xian was because of the other party's drama" Dear Love ", it seems that the episode of the episode is very strong.