2024-07-10 20:37:08

Fang Lishens general system of swimming is unfair

Recently, Fang Lishen was unconventional, saying that a 9 -year -old super swimmer was unable to participate in the local championship because of the "swimming meeting level is not high enough". The incident has attracted great attention in the city. There are young artists and celebrities who support Fang Lishen. Among them, Lu Huiyi's love "crab" has always learned to travel. She also commented to support: "Children's progress every year must not be despised. . Athletes are not just working hard during the competition, but the endless persistence of the year to have the results that everyone can see. How can they be strangled? Thank you for fighting for them!

Lu Huiyi today (10/7) appeared in the TV City to attend the wireless situation comedy "Love and Happy Express" to publicize the promotional activity. He said in an interview with "Hong Kong 01" in the incident: "I think Fang Lishen is good at it. It was the Hong Kong team in the past. In the past, I went to swim in the water, and I had the same sense of the same sense, knowing how hard it was to fuck the water. Hong Kong is a place where I love materials. It should be tied to a potential student to cultivate the canal.