2024-07-10 20:31:20

Huang Zitao gossip girlfriend Xu Yiyang exploded P

The love relationship between the mainland male star Huang Zitao and its artist Xu Yiyang has been circulating to this day. Earlier, the man's proposal was successful, but they still never responded to the relationship. Recently, the variety show "Come with Me" produced by the producer has been broadcast. Extremely disgusted, everyone has already known and unintelligible, and feels that they are hype.

Huang Zitao gossip girlfriend Xu Yiyang exploded

In the latest episode, when Xu Yiyang said that he was going to the bathroom, he entered an open bathroom. At this moment, Huang Zitao also said that there were three anxiety, so he followed the woman to go to the bathroom. He said: "I also want to be one, open, then I will be open!" This move suddenly made the woman immediately refuse: "No, my bathroom." Then he threatened with his identity. The other party: "I am your boss." But she was still fearless: "The boss can go to my bathroom?" Then closed the door to avoid him from entering.

Huang Zitao gossip girlfriend Xu Yiyang exploded

After Huang Zitao was rejected, he seemed angry but actually a smile on his face, there was a sense of blame, which made many netizens quite disgusted, and said, "I don’t want to make public disclosure. Don't fry these "," endless "," What are you doing "and so on.

Although they have not acknowledged their relationship so far, everyone has known in the minds of netizens. In the preview of the next program, Xu Yiyang said: "He said we are public! This sentence is a bit like this, we seem to be really together from this moment. He said that let me talk more on the show. He said that you express more and express it. He said that the audience would misunderstand how you were. When I was with him, I could, regardless of all the expression (emotion) to him "Although he did not disclose who" he "was, the camera then shifted to Huang Zitao and touched her head picture while driving, and said," Touch the dog's head, this year is not worried. " "It is Huang Zitao.