2024-07-10 19:41:08

Wan Chais office was exploded and lost more than 1

The police received a report on a staff member of the No. 83 office of Wan Chai Road the day before (8th), stating that the door of the office door lock was pried, and there were traces of searches in the unit, suspected to be exploded. Police officers received the report and were calculated by preliminary points. I believe that the two mobile phones with a total value of about 7,000 yuan and about 3,300 yuan in cash disappeared. The second team of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Wan Chai Police District took over the investigation case and arrested a 63 -year -old man named Wen Wen in Zitianwan Village, Hong Kong yesterday (9th).

In operation, the police officer seized the clothing and some cash he was wearing suspicion when the arrested crime.

Wan Chai's office was exploded and lost more than 10,000 yuan.

Wan Chai's office was exploded and lost more than 10,000 yuan.

Police pointed out that explosive theft is a very serious crime. Once convicted, it can be sentenced to 14 years in prison for 14 years. The police also called on citizens to lock the doors and windows to avoid saving valuables at home, and consider installing anti -theft systems and high -quality closed -circuit TVs. The security officers of the building should also be alert. If any suspicious person or the situation is found, the police should be notified immediately.