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Wu Ruoxi was accused of the third partys strength

Jinny (Jinny) and Wu Ruoxi was accused of the third party's strength and the

Some netizens feel that although peanuts are good, they are not satisfied with her husband, and as public figures should not put their family affairs online. Netizens rushed to Jinny's IG and told her not to review her husband in public, because this move would feel disgusted for most men. And Jinny is not afraid of negative reviews, and also commented on netizens to leave a message! One of the most touched her nerves is that she is a third party: "The so -called collapse people avoid collapsed bowls, and people and earth are all third parties to grab a man and return to Li. Of course ["

Wu Ruoxi was accused of the third party's strength and the

Jinny is very excited, covering a few words, and even more "X -like", she marked the netizen, "Wow ~ Your second world is back to GA? When did I be a third party to grab a boyfriend, my boyfriend Yeah? I ask you and I am a third party? Continue to TAG netizen 「「: "Hey! X -like ~ After my third party, do you say sorry?"

Wu Ruoxi was accused of the third party's strength and the

In addition, if he claims to be FANS netizens, he will be Jinny and Zhang Zhiheng's wife Wen. Wen Tong is compatible, thinking that both of them love to get her husband on the Internet, and Jinny replies: "Thank you so much ~ It's a pity that you are my husband ~ If I don't want to be a public trial, the other party seems to feel" "It is persuaded to persuade each other." Continue: "Men are the most available to public trials, and they are all right. The so -called family decline is constantly. But if you are my wife, I don't mind your public trial." Jinny also said: "It's ah, you don't have the opportunity to get my public trial ~ It is a pity, my husband knows that the more he has a business after me.> When I saw the netizen marked Alex, he said to him, "I am divorced." Jinny replied: "Support, but it is a pity that you are not!" @Allexxhoo is really miserable, brother, you "Jinny confessed to the relatives and said," You're good, people do not recognize you as brothers, you, you are so good. " One of the male netizens preached to Jinny, saying: "Men are so simple. When you go to the gentle village can, you naturally know the return of the house. Female colleagues may not represent it. Said, "Oh ~ I am all a big male colleague ~ Next time, the company is eastward, I will call Tseung Kwan O Yida Jiulong car, I am first ~~~~ A lot of people who are back to school ~ I pass a car n "A large number of female netizens do not agree with the men's Internet civilian lecture, even Luo Yiming of" Sister Leyin "adds his mouth:" Men want to be gentle to the house? Dogs? ?