2024-07-10 18:31:18

East Zhang Goddess Chen Yide exposed to take a bit

"Dongzhang Goddess" Chen Yide (Dede) recently aired on TVB's "Fulu Shou Training Academy" with multiple different outfits. Essence Yesterday (9th), she confessed the journey of the shooting on the social network of the social network, and wrote: "Tell a secret than everyone listened. After two months ago, I collapsed after two episodes of the blackboard. I shouted, I mean ... a few quotes returned to the time I did it by myself! Well! Okay! I do n’t know everyone can get it, but I ’m a little bit of my two episodes.

Chen Yide accepted "Hong Kong 01" to visit the self -exposure show of the sensitive and bitter history of makeup: "You have not tried the skin sensitive block of the skin, but after the blackboard unit is done There are a few sores, but I have tried sensitive skin.

The long article she sends pointed out that she cherishes the opportunity to shoot and wrote: "I cherish the opportunity to shoot this show, so I want to do it best every time. I have confidence and confidence, so real, get the atmosphere, and remember that I can be too loud/hyper, but I felt that I did a good guilt and grasped this opportunity. There is a feeling that I can't forgive myself. The content of the collection is shot. For the first time, the wild that takes into account the different aspects, including the environment and shape (I think it will affect the influence, but the original head of the big plate is really affecting my wild speed/response), I do n’t think that an excellent manner will be affected, and I will be affected because I am really skillful, but the focus is I am too harsh to myself, than to return Credits myself, I do n’t make any mistakes. I really do it well. I will overcome me to make myself more. I will do it again next time. After that, the video of the videos was smooth. Facing the front, especially in life, he will always encounter high and low. Finally, she encourages herself: "I hope you remember that this is only temporary. As long as you know that you are not enough, you can rush in a direction. You加 加 加 加 加 加 系 系 勉 勉 勉 勉 "She also shared the golden sentence that Wu Kangren interviewed earlier:" Maybe we are not the most talented, but we can always do the most hard work. "