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Food types that cause people's allergies are different. After enjoying the food, there may be physical symptoms in the body, such as itching of skin eczema, rapid breathing, gastrointestinal discomfort and other allergic reactions, but Why is it allergic? What should I do when food allergies?

Netizens have hotly discussed the TOP8 Evisory Food (according to the picture) Allergic reaction is that the defense mechanism is seriously dangerous.

Huang Shumin, Nantou Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, pointed out that allergic reactions are the reaction mechanism of human instinct. When foreign objects invade the body, the human body's immune system will start the defense mechanism to eliminate the invasion to protect the safety of the body. However, if the immune system in the human body cannot resist or cannot identify foreign objects invading the body, it will cause damage to the body organs and allergic reactions. There are generally local reactions such as:. Or systemic reactions such as:.

Which foods are the most likely to cause allergies for histamine food and peanuts and seafood.

Which foods are the most likely to cause allergies? Taiwan Huang Shumin Nutritionist said that foods that are prone to allergic reactions such as: even. Most of these foods contain histamine. The histamine will gradually increase as the freshness of food decreases. Rising tissue amine in the body can cause itching, sneezing, nasal congestion, flow nose and other symptoms. The best way to improve is to eat fresh food as much as possible. Don't try if you are not sure if you are fresh.


Easy allergies 9 food rice has a share! Fresh and easy to recruit more photos of 4 nutritional prime defense sensitivity

Vitamin C, E, A, and carotene anti -inflammatory and anti -allergies

When the acute allergies can be treated with antibody amine drugs, but in daily life, there are actually nutrients to improve Symptoms of allergies. For example, these antioxidant vitamins have the effects of anti -inflammatory and anti -allergic.

Huang Shumin's nutritionist pointed out that there is food source of vitamin C. Vitamin E food sources are waiting. Vitamin A contains the front -drive substance of Vitamin A, called carotene.

Among them, mainly β-carotene (β-carotene), food includes: equal. Of course, you can also go to the medical institution to test your own allergens. Check that those foods are the cause of allergies. Avoid allergic reactions to eat foods containing allergens. Quickly seek medical treatment.

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