2024-06-16 23:39:09

Water Agency: Complete water supply and throat mai

The Queen of Shitang Tsui Avenue West 425G to 425Z Yonghua Building, WX, and YZ's patio shared the throat. Due to the two pavements of the back seat of the X and the Y back seat, it was unable to reach a consensus on the throat problem with the building and corporation. The merchant also required the Water Affairs Department to close the building's water switch due to the seepage of water. When "broken water", the residents were bitter. The Water Agency said on the social platform tonight (16th) that at 8 pm, the internal public water supply and throat maintenance work of Queen Avenue West 425 has been completed, and the supply of water and toilet water supply has been fully restored.

The Water Affairs Department reiterated that the owner / agent must properly maintain the internal water supply system of the building to ensure the stable water supply of the building and avoid waste of precious water resources. It was successfully completed by this maintenance work, and the owner / agent finally responded to actively. At the same time, all the support and coordination provided by the Civil Affairs Office, District Councilor and Care Team in the incident also allowed maintenance to complete the maintenance work.

▼ Shitang Tsui Yonghua Building burst into a water throat and a noodle shop in the ground ▼

▼ Citizen needs to go to the fire hydrant downstairs to the water to take home ▼