2024-06-16 20:37:38

Another mainland visitors were rescued by the main

The weather in Hong Kong is unstable. Yesterday (15th), the observatory was three yellow rain in a day, but some people chose to take risks. Four in the Mainland women and 2 young children were disappeared. Fortunately, they were eventually rescued by helicopters. From the beginning, there was no danger. This time, it is not the first time that mainland customers have been trapped in the mountains in bad weather. The police call on social platforms today (16th) that in addition to their teammates, they must be experienced, with appropriate equipment and food and water. Citizens must also pay attention to the weather conditions. Do not barely climb when you encounter bad weather. Police call on citizens to install the "HKSOS" program of the police force to increase protection.

Another mainland visitors were rescued by the mainland guests.

Police said that the weather has been unstable yesterday. If the hiking people are not equipped with sufficient equipment and food, they may be warm at any time when they encounter heavy wind and rain. Therefore, after receiving the report of the Shatoujiao partition, he organized rescue operations as soon as possible to search with the water police, mobile units, fire offices, and flight service teams. At 2 am this morning, the missing person was successfully found in Meizilin.

Police call for citizens not to go on a separate hiking, and they must have experienced teammates together; before departure, remember to notify relatives and friends; bring appropriate equipment and food, and always pay attention to the weather conditions. If the weather is not as expected, do not barely climb the mountain. In addition, the police called on hiking people to install the "HKSOS" mobile application of the police force. In addition to the planned itinerary, they can also directly contact the 999 reporting center in emergency situations. Look for help.

The incident was sent yesterday (15th). 18 people in the group went to Meizilin to camping, of which 12 were departed from the deer neck. Departure, the original schedule was expected to be 7 hours, and in the afternoon, it will be closed at the Rongshu Village Pier in the afternoon. However, after the 12 people arrived, the other six had not appeared, and only received one of the GPS positions sent by WeChat. At 11:00 last night, I decided to report the case.

The government flight service team sent helicopters to search. Nearly 3 hours later, at 2 am today (16th), personnel found 6 people in Litchi Nest, including 4 mainland women and a 8 -year -old mainland girl. And a 6 -year -old mainland boy, they were returned to the headquarters of the Akaka Kok from the government flight service team. Fortunately, they were not injured and then left themselves.

Another mainland visitors were rescued by the mainland guests.

Yesterday, the Observatory issued a yellow rainstorm warning three times a day, and also issued a special report in the northern water soaking in the New Territories. According to the Observatory's rainfall map, the total rainfall in the northern district in the northern district yesterday (June 15) reached hundreds of millimeters.

This time, this time it was not the first time that mainland customers went down the mountain in bad weather. The red rainstorm warning signal, mountain mud pouring and thunderstorms took effect at the same time. Human Mainland tourists are traveling in the east of Wanyi Reservoir, and they cannot leave due to heavy winds and rain. Among them, 7 children are wet clothes and they want to hide in public toilets to avoid. Fortunately, everyone was rescued and refused to be sent to the hospital.