2024-06-16 06:33:09

4 Female 2 Tong Xingshan lost contact rescue rescu

Litchi Wo suspected that there was an incident of lamp. It is reported that 18 people went to Meizilin to camping yesterday (15th). Twelve of them was departed from the deer neck, and the remaining 4 women and two boys and girls departed from Tai Po Wuyu. The Kaocun Wharf was closed. After 12 people arrived, they had not seen six group members. They couldn't contact each other until the evening. They suspected that they were lost in the mountains, so they reported the case at 11 pm.

The rescue personnel searched after receiving the report, and sent the government flight service team helicopter assistance at the same time. After nearly 3 hours, it was 2 am today (16th) at 2 am today. Person's whereabouts were taken away on the helicopter, and the government flight service team was located at the headquarters of Chiba Horn. Six people were not injured and then left themselves.