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Wuxi sand wanderer involved in anesthesia and take

Five stray cows "five blessings" in the area of ​​Xisha Road Fourteen Townships, one of them, one of the cows "Sister Roland" (11th), was suspected of walking near Wuxi Sha City. Personalized with anesthesia guns. Some Niu Niu organization criticized the Fisheries and Protection Department to catch the cow unreasonable, and the two sides were stiff for two hours, and the police were present. In response to the inquiries of the Fisheries and Protection Department, it was inspected after receiving the complaint and found that the oxen was going to Wuxi Sha, or caused a disturbance to the district. Will keep in touch with relevant persons.

It is understood that the cattle "Sister Roland" who was taken away was over 10 years old, and he also called the "Five Blessings" with the other four stray cows, more than the fourteen township. Miss Wu, the person in charge of the Guardian of the Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu, said that in the past two years, he has been communicating with the Fisheries and Protection Agency. Since the department does not approve Niu to go to Wuxi Sausa, its organization and another animal organization "Fourteen Township Niu Niu" and 輋The surname of Licun, the surname of Xiacun, will "catch the cattle" from time to time to prevent them from going to the place where the fishing agency is not approved.

At about 4 pm the day before yesterday, it is reported that when "Sister Roland" walked to Wuxi Shatin Bay to Kaixian Hua Road, the staff of the fishing and care department were captured with anesthesia gun. Ms. Wu and others rushed to hear the news, once stalemate with the Yuhuai Department personnel, and called the police for help. About two hours later, at 6 o'clock in the evening, the fishing and escort department took the cattle away. Ms. Wu said that "Sister Roland" did not appear at the time that the fishing and care department did not approve, and criticized the department to catch cows unreasonable. At present, the Yuhuai Department is discussing how to deal with the "Sister Roland" with Li Village, the village of Lixia Village.

Wuxi sand wanderer involved in anesthesia and take away volunteer approval of unreasonable fishing. The right method capture

According to the on -site photos and videos, after being caught and fell to the ground, the fishing agency was carried on the car and transported away. There were a large number of police officers, fishing and guarding agencies, and Niu Niu organizations at the scene. Knowledge and offending, it ’s like a scratch!"

It is reported that the Fisheries Agency did not divide a specific range to restrict cattle. Under normal circumstances, the cattle will be put back to where the original growth is.

The Fishing Protection Department stated that recently received complaints, saying that stray cattle often left the fourteen township and entered Wuxi Sand City. Some of them only walked to Maanshan Park and a nearby house, and even walked. On the road, it affects the safety of road users and cattle itself. The department then sent staff to inspect the relevant location. In the afternoon of the day (11th), an adult female scalp was found on the Ma'anshan Nianhua Road. It was going to Wuxi Sand at the time, which may cause disturbance to the area.

According to the "Animal Detention Center Regulations" (Chapter 168), any animal is found freely under unmanned control, and any person thinks that related animals seem to be lost or are being damaged. Animals are detained in any convenient place. Therefore, according to the situation of the scene at the time, the department staff captured the scripture with the assistance of the veterinarian and took it to the Action Center of the Department of the Department. At present, the ox is in good condition, and you can eat after arriving at the center.

The Fisheries Agency continued to point out that the personnel will continue to pay attention to the relevant situation and keep in touch with the residents of the 14th township and other related holders to prevent there are only cattle to only enter Maanshan City.