2024-06-11 20:37:09

Guan Zhibin has a hundred fans in the event and en

Kenny (Kenny) has been a guest of performers for the wedding exhibition a few days ago, and sang two songs: "There is always one stand in love with you" and "Courage Love Song", attracting more than a hundred Fans to support.

Guan Zhibin has a hundred fans in the event and enjoys new idols for support: I am this time

Kenny, who just completed the six -stop concert "Guan Zhibin Time Machine Tour Concert" just in the Mainland, said that he has not performed in Hong Kong for a long time. He said fortunately Fans did not forget him. "I saw a lot of Fans who hugged her daughter or had a baby, and immediately felt that I felt like it was flying away." Unknown is too excited. "Suddenly forgot the lyrics, Fans immediately" replenished the position "and screamed loudly, but Kenny also stopped immediately and decided to sing again. It was very professional. In order to give back to the support of FANS at the scene, we must sing again and listen to everyone. The supporting objects make Kenny very worried, "Because it was very good before, for example, sometimes I returned to the house to get my gifts, all of which are well -organized, such as painting a lot of paintings, and many boutique dolls are different from me. Alas, I really feel that it is sharp! I am a lot of time, I have a lot of time. When I buried my tour, I would arrange a lot of food and dining car. Singer's treatment, thank you for making me feel that I have not been disconnected in this era. "