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The 12 -year -old kidnapped dialysis of childrens

If you want the kidney

The boy eats kidnapper at the age of 12 at the age of 12

Hong Yongxiang, Taiwan's kidney department, shared in the show "If the Cloud Know", there was a elementary school boy who suffered from chronic kidney silk Ball inflammation, but because his parents gave pocket money for him to buy food to eat, the boy eaten a fried chicken chop every day, and ate 200 fried chicken steaks a year. Finally, the kidney function was seriously damaged. At the age of 12, he was at 12. Temple -laundering starts.

Category 7 foods the most hurting the kidney

Hong Yongxiang pointed out that kidney health is very important, and you must learn to avoid it. In addition to excluding chicken steaks, fried chicken is used to use the height of the chicken steak. Repeat cooking, derivative polygon aromatic hydrocarbons, isterine, acryline, heavy metal and other carcinogens, which seriously affect kidney and physical health. Do not consume it frequently.

In addition, in addition to chicken steak, Hong Yongxiang reminded that he must also avoid stuffed foods, Sanbao rice, Japanese ramen, pearl milk tea and other kidney foods, especially Sanbao rice has quite high fats, sugar, and sugar, and also The amount of rice is usually more, which is completely in line with the rotation of kidney injury.

3 tricks of kidney care diet (see clearly according to the figure)

Sanbao rice's calories are often higher than pork ribs and chicken leg rice. , Duck skin, and the industry wants to add sugar to bake, making its skin crispy meat and sweet flavor. At the time, avoid touching such foods.


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