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Love Yongzai witnessed Brother Tano Graduation 202

Living, old, and death are the stages of every life. After many pet owners accompanied pets to the last paragraph, they

Hong Kong Cat Star "Brother" Graduation Graduation

4 years ago, the Cataline Cat Shop, the Catalum Tan Brother died, and the pet owner Gao contacted "Love forever is forever ", Hopes to hold the graduation ceremony of Brother Cream in" Love in the Emperor ". When the Chuangli people said that when the driver had a tither tither left, there were more than a dozen fans at the scene to admire the remains, and some were more difficult to hide the sadness and crying.

Mr. Gao originally intended to hold a small farewell ceremony for his loved ones to participate in a broccoli. Later, too many fans wanted to send the last trip to Brother Tao, so he decided to watch the ceremony for a long time in the "Love in the Love". In order to let everyone remember the best side of Brother Tumei, "love forever" also asked the pet cosmetic master to groom the beauty for Brother Cream, let its body reply soft, and the appearance seemed to be asleep.

On the day of the graduation ceremony of Brother Shi, more than a hundred fans arrived at the scene. In order to allow each fan to see the last side of Brother Tan, "love forever" deliberately arranged employees to divert at the mouth, allowing fans to enter the auditorium in batches, and the final graduation ceremony was successfully completed.

The first wishes of the three creators of "Love in" to open a pet company are the process of sending farewell to pets in the pet owner. The pain of the Lord made the pet from relieved. "In addition to allowing Brother Tudu's graduation ceremony to leave peacefully, it also relieved Mr. Gao, the pet owner, and soothed the pain of a group of fans."

Most of the pet owners have the pet viewing writers, hoping to send goodbye to the death of the death. When choosing a pet company, the pet owner should consider two major factors:

1 The reputation and reputation company

Many pet owners will share the experience of pets in the discussion area and social platforms. In front of pets, you can try to check the evaluation of the good company on these platforms, so as to choose a company with reputation and reputation.

2 Friend Introduction

Any life of any life has come to an end. Regardless of whether the pet is old or sick, the pet owner can ask the pet friends who have a pet experience in advance, please introduce them to the reputable pet Good end of the company and understand the relevant process.

DIV> DIV> DIV> DIV> :! W-Full JS-Ad-Slot> , Have received countless pet remains, accompanied them for the last way, with good reputation and reputation. In order to implement the initial wish of the establishment of the company, as a friend accompanied the pet, the pet passed the pet, and the founder said that all employees must have been or raised pets. To the masters' feelings now. Keep respect to pets. In addition, Kwai Chung's General Store and Tuen Mun Branch are private properties of the company. There is no need to worry about the owner's rental. "Pet owners can rented pet spiritual positions more at ease and place their pet ashes here." Chuangxuan said.

In love, love in the pet, with reputation and reputation, and the "Popular Love Election 2024" hosted by the pet channel "Mao Child", the pet channel "Hong Kong 01", won the highest votes. Pet love for the brand. "