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The day before yesterday was diagnosed with gastro

Taiwanese people love to eat

Taiwanese pediatrician Wang Weili recently shared a case on the Facebook page "Parenting of Parenting Parenting-Wang Weili". A mother took her son to see the doctor and revealed that the doctor judged that the average gastroenteritis was a general gastroenteritis the day before yesterday. Unexpectedly, the medical treatment was told that her son might be hospitalized, which surprised the mother.

Dr. Wang Weili said that at that time, the child was only a little uncomfortable, just started to burn, mild vomiting and diarrhea, and the doctor diagnosed gastroenteritis was very reasonable, but these two days continued to have a fever, abdominal pain all day long, and did not compare after pulling the pull. Comfortable, so he judged that the course of this disease did not seem like a general viral gastroenteritis, and the child's obvious mobility was not good. It may be bacterial gastroenteritis, such as "Samen infection".

Dr. Wang Weili even more bluntly, "Don't go to the Internet to search, the stools that will be infected with you on it will have a smell of stool. Fortunately, the mother after listening to the doctor's suggestion, taking the child back to the emergency department to draw blood, but the inflammation index was 170. The hospitalization was determined to be infected by Sammel.

Dr. Wang Weili also reminded that in addition to the common viral gastroenteritis every summer, there will also be terrible Salmonella. Children under 5 years old are more likely to be complicated. Be careful. Egg milk products, plus Taiwanese people like to eat hot pot, they have to be careful about two things. "Many people like to add a raw egg, that's really terrible", "meat must be cooked For a second, many meat products known as a few A are really without the safety of your imagination. "


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