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Unveilled his careers fatal experience was strangl

46 -year -old male star Wu Yunlong

Wu Yunlong's "hard qigong" that he did not enter the sword and gun in the film, his personality was arrogant Crazy, let the city's four little suffer a lot, but he was humorous and very humorous outside the play. He always cared about whether the reporter could understand him and said embarrassedly, "Sorry, my Mandarin is very ordinary!" Ask how to figure out Wang Jiu's personality? He thought he was not too different from this role. "Because I also like to be joking, funny, and laughing, playing Wang Jiu just enlarged me's lively and funny side." First, acting second, this one is the other way. He said, "I am looking forward to starting every day, and the director will give me any challenges. It is really fun every day." It was also very happy to be recognized by the audience.

Unveilled his career's fatal experience was strangled to death

Unveilled his career's fatal experience was strangled to death

His kung fu is real material, from the hard base of martial arts since childhood, and also Ye Wen's bastard's grandson. , Martial Arts instructor, stand -in, etc., because I met Nicholas Tse, I met Nicholas Tse, and was the master of Nicholas Tse to learn Wing Chunquan. Talking about Nicholas Tse, he praised him very seriously. "Think of it", you must repeat the same action, very boring and boring, let Nicholas Tingfeng practice himself. I did not expect to go to his room later. Nicholas Tse was still practicing that action and bluntly said: "He is serious. The brand "Fengwei") is also, that is, they are very invested. "It was more than 2 years, and he later posted Nicholas Tse coach cards. Now he can teach students himself.


Unveilled his career's fatal experience was strangled to death

Unveilled his career's fatal experience was strangled to death

Asked the most serious injury to the filming career? Wu Yunlong laughed and said that it was accumulated from minor injuries. The more impressive 2 times was when shooting "Fighting" and was kicked by his friend An Zhijie, but at the time, in order not to affect the progress, he was still dedicated to complete the shooting. When Wu Jianhao became a stand -in, he was almost died of a hoe. He said: "At that time, he turned his head too early, and then fainted when he fell to the ground. At the event, the ice hand fractured. He said humorously: "The first knock on the ice did not break, the second knock was broken, but I broke it."

In addition to acting, Wu Yunlong also developed after the scene. In the year, I set up a studio with the screenwriter friends. There were 3 stories on hand. I just completed a new film shooting in April. He and his friend An Zhijie had performed and revealed that he would like Comedy elements, the same is the action film, ask if you want to try pure love films in the future? He said that he did not exclude any subjects, but prefers action movies and had more room for play.

Due to the performance of "Kowloon City", Wu Yunlong's popularity rose sharply. In the film, "Xinyi" Liu Junqian had a group of "Mrs. Liu". He suddenly had many "Mrs. Wu". Liu Junqian is very handsome. He is Zhan Guang. He is still single, would he still want to find a real "Mrs. Wu"? Wu Yunlong laughed: "Of course I also want, but this kind of thing can be encountered." As for the type of ideal lover, he expressed his hope that the other party is beautiful, loving, and polite to others. Play, what if the other party is better than him? He said: "That's OK, she can teach me!"

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