2024-06-07 00:57:08

Hu Meiyi avoided talking about the emotional situa

"TVB Xiaohua" Hu Meiyi and Zhuang Zixuan, Wang Yiran, Jiang Yining, Guo Yanwen, Deng Kaiwen, He Peijia, Gu Peiling, Huang Bilian and others attended the end of "Miss 2025" today Call a press conference. Recently, Hu Meiyi was in love with the son Xie Lingling's son. She accepted an interview with "Hong Kong 01" and answered: "It's good to talk about it." When she attended a press conference today, she asked more when she asked about the development of the relationship. many.

When Hu Meiyi was interviewed by "Hong Kong 01", he bluntly said that he had worked for half a year earlier for half a year. She said, "" Law Enforcement "was filmed for two months, and another set of" Anti -Black Heroes "was filmed for two or three months. I had a rest for half a year, so you asked me to do it, I (remember) It seems that I suddenly do it, and I can rest. "She said that she had almost 8 to 9 hours every day.

She revealed that she played PTU (Police Mobile Force) in the episode "Anti -Black Heroes", so in addition to wearing a whole set of equipment, she also needs to "shovel green" to cut her hair short. Short hair brought her quite "unforgettable" experience. She replied: "I shovel youth, you know the" shrimp "people, so I have to lose weight. At the beginning (shovel) was excited, but I would like to see myself."

When asked if the shovel was cut off, it would be unhappy. She continued: "There is a little depression afterwards. One time I opened a selfie, the more I was so happy to take care of myself. ) "

Asked the emotional status, she answered a bit ambiguous, saying," All my emotional conditions are good, regardless of whether it is a friend of the same house company, patting her partner around her. " Stable with the other half? She replied, "Friends, good feelings." Boyfriend? She said, "Boyfriend ... I don't know." The reporter mentioned that earlier news pointed out that Hu Meiyi had come to see his parents, and she replied, "Wow, news ... Alright. I don't know what to say. "Is it difficult to say? She replied, "I don't have any complicated, but you don't talk about it." Do you want to be low -key? She said, "I feel that I feel more personal and stay back and less space."