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Four big selling points lazy bags Wu Jinyans corne

2024 Lu opera recommended "Mo Yu Yun Jian" Actor

Although the casting of Wu Jinyan is slightly controversial, "Mo Yu Yun Yun" contains the twelve major beauty supporting actors, including Chen Qiaoen, is still full of expectations. Come and see us for everyone's selection for everyone. The four must -see selling points of the four major "Mo Yu Yunyun"!

Actor of the 2024 land drama "Mo Yu Yun Jian": Wu Jinyan's casting argued

After playing big names and curse, Wu Jinyan finally returned to filming again in 27 months. She is regarded as a selling point, but netizens don't seem to buy it very much. Although she is a heroine, the supporting actress's casting seems to be more attractive. Therefore The state is better than Wu Jin! "In addition, her official CP partner this time was Wang Xingyue, who was 12 -year -old, and was laughed that it was the old cow to eat tender grass, and it was too old to stand beside her brother.

2024 Land Opera "Mo Yu Yun Jian" novel "Married Thousands of Gold" adapted

The play is adapted from the writer's novel "Marriage Thousands of Gold", which tells a period of love and hatred that spans the third generation: family Xue Beu, the daughter of the county magistrate with a happy life and a happy life, lost everything after the great change. Jiang Ruoyu, the life -saving benefactor and the daughter of the Chinese book, returned to Beijing as Jiang Ruoyu, and helped in the Su Kingdom, Xiao Yan, and others. In the following, overcome the difficulties, constantly strive to fight against injustice, eventually rescue his father who was imprisoned in prison, and helped Xiao Yanzi help upright, guarded the people of Li Min, and finally re -re -re -re -entered a better life. Because the name "Mo Yu Yun Jian" was decided to use the novel name "Marrying Thousands of Gold" as the title of the drama when the filming was decided, some people may not have figured out the situation, but if you find relevant information, do not make a mistake. Otherwise, there will be no drama!

2024 Land Opera "Mo Yu Yunyun" Actor: Yang Chao's pearl makeup is eye -catching

In addition to a good drama, there are good plots and shooting mirrors. It is also important to give the clothing group if it is not powerful! "Mo Yu Yunyun" can be said to be online, plus the super creative pearl makeup, such as Yang Chao in the photo on the eyebrow heart and cheeks, echo the design of her neckline and hair accessories as a whole to give the overall design of her neckline and hair accessories. People feel a gentle and gentle feeling. Although only Yang Chaochao puts pearl makeup in the current preview, it is said that Wu Jinyan also has a similar shape. I believe that this special pearl makeup will definitely make fans who love ancient costumes compete.

2024 Land Opera "Mo Yu Yun Jian" actor: Chen Qiaoen is a supporting role

Another surprise of "Mo Yu Yun Jian" is Chen Qiaoen. In the latest preview, there are two scenes in Chen Qiaoen. Wu Jinyan, the other scene was that her eyes were crying with tears in the study room. Finally, she burned the study room with a torch. These two scenes of the drama were very strong. Although the total number of trailers did not exceed 10 seconds, she had been looking forward to her very much this time. Performance, some netizens boasted that Chen Qiaoen's aura was too strong to completely overwhelm Wu Jinyan.


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