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Wu Jinyans Mo Yuyun washing and acting skills were

"Yanxi Raiders" Wu Jinyan once again joined forces Yu Zheng to

" Mo Yu Yun Jian "is adapted from the popularity of the Internet's popular novel" Marriage Thousands of Gold ". Wu Jinyan revenge from Chen Qiaoen. The daughter "Xue Fangfei" (played by Wu Jinyan) lost everything after the great change. With the help of Su Guogong "Xiao Yan" (played by Wang Xingyue) and others, he overcome the hardships of hardships, fighting against injustice, completing revenge and rescue his father who was prison.

The producer Yu Zhengli, the producer of "Mo Yu Yunyun", supported Wu Jinyan, and praised her when she was questioned, and chose to stop all the jobs at hand, and took the acting class and the drama lesson to exercise herself. " She believes that he can get up wherever he falls. In the record, many audiences have left a message, "Our justice, I came to person, Wei Wei came back", "I just like Wu Jinyan to play such revenge and cool dramas", "Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue are also very cp."


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