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33 -year -old actress luxury house explosion dispu

33 -year -old artist Guo Shuyao bought a mansion of 20 Pingding Building in Xinyi District 9 years ago with 15 million (Taiwan dollars, the same below). Recently, there are three major disputes with the neighbors, including owed management fees, parcels occupying

According to "Mirror Weekly" report, Guo Shuyao has owed a one -year management fee since May last year, and the document of the payment order has been rejected by her until the management committee will be released within 7 days this month. Pay money, otherwise you must ask for compulsory execution, only to receive the settlement of 49,613 yuan at a time.

The neighbors also broke the news. Guo Shuyao did not receive it after signing the online purchase package. After half a year, the parcel on the first floor of the hall accumulated like a mountain. Guo Shuyao put the abandoned carton at the door of the home, which also caused the residents to have a headache.

Guo Shuyao responded through the agent: "Because of busy work, often flying overseas, not in Taiwan, and negligence has not handled daily life affairs, but there is no reason for no reason. After the processing, it will definitely be strict with the law in the future. Please also ask your family to assist regularly paying management fees. Private items will be handled as soon as possible.33 -year -old actress luxury house explosion dispute management fee drags for 1 year, I pay online shopping parcels, the lobby is piled up like mountains


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