2024-05-26 18:25:06

Frankie challenged Dads character Tiger for the fi

Mirror member Chen Ruihui (Frankie) and Qiu Aoran (Tiger) today (26th) attended the Makerville drama "Ma Dump Mommy" to worship God. Consume a husband and wife. This time, Frankie and Tiger's opponents are not much. It only takes a day or two. Frankie feels proud of being a father for the first time, and praised the actor Wang Weicheng, who played his son. It is said that when the studio is again, but the canal is really sharp. If you want to roll the machine, you will immediately change the drama and learn a lot with the canal! It's so good and professional. The original actors are all professional. A cute role, I am obsessed with people who like it and like what they like, good for you, so romantic. Vitality, there will be a drama pursuing Shen Zhenqiao (A Gao).

Frankie challenged Dad's character Tiger for the first time, tiger previewed Kaisao and sang Nicholas Tse

Two and some teammates, error, and Hanxing Jessica will open SHOW on June 8th, and they will start a drama. Fortunately, there is a gasp for breathing. Error's dee said he was tightly dancing recently. Frankie said he had a priority version, and Tiger described the other party to dance with his life. As for how to face the two, Frankie said that he would sing his first famous song "Pi Si Bai". Because you want to bring the audience with freshness, this song will be adapted. Unlike the version of the previous tour concert, Tiger also said that His first famous song "Alright" will be different from before. A few days ago, the two and Yang Lewen (Lokman) and Alton were surprising that Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Tse was covered in "Chill CLUB". Tiger revealed that Kaishi would challenge other songs of Tingfeng again.

Frankie posted a black picture in Threads recently, revealing that when rehearsing the concert in January, he actually gave birth to lip sores. The second time should have time. X x 」