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"Please fall in love with this" Lu opera, there is Zhang Boyu as directed, a set of TV series starring urban love as the theme of urban love. Hu Yitian's "Xi Hua", who has just been broadcast, is a heroine Gu Yan Xi, who has been well received. And this time "Please Love with this" is the second time after Hu Yitian and the goddess of the sweet drama Liang Jie after "Peerless Double Pride". What sparks will this time? This article will introduce this The plot outline, update time, role actor, character relationship, and drama calendar.

The story of the TV drama tells a cute and clumsy sports teacher Li Xiaoxiao, who is very eager for love. She secretly loved Xu Jiacheng and repeatedly used to express her feelings, but unfortunately, Xu Jiacheng already belonged to it and did not consider Li Xiaoxiao's actions. Ye Yan, editor -in -chief of the magazine played by Hu Yitian, has always been in love with Li Xiaoxiao and silently paying attention to Li Xiaoxiao's every move. Occasionally, Ye Ye helped Li Xiaoxiao many times to resolve the embarrassing crisis. However, Ye Yan was difficult for him to open up his love to Li Xiaoxiao because of his past emotional damage.

Latest drama calendar/broadcast time+actor relationship map

Xu Jiacheng, a magazine publisher full of enthusiasm and frank, met Yi Wen, a former super model child, and the two continued to run in pursuit of feelings and career, hoping to get a balance. The intricate and complex relationship between the four let Li Xiaoxiao gradually recognize his heart, and completely cured Ye Ye's emotional trauma. She finally realized Ye Ye's advantages and loved him sincerely. This process also tested Xu Jiacheng and Tong Yiwen, and they also filed for positive results. Ye Yan and Li Xiaoxiao rushed to each other, not only harvesting love, but also maintaining friendship with Xu Jiacheng, Tong Yiwen and others.

Latest drama calendar/broadcast time+actor relationship map

and several other friends also experienced the test of life. Xu Yan, a calm and solid lawyer Xu Yan, performed well in his professional ability, but he did not dare to face the relationship with Xu Jialin; and the relationship between the restaurant owner Lu Zheng and his wife Guo Shenglin also tested. In the end, they experienced multiple tests of career and feelings, and eventually everyone gained their own happiness.

A total of 40 episodes of "Please Love with this kind of love like this" are broadcast by iQiyi and Tencent Video dual platforms. The membership is 6 episodes, and then updated 2 episodes daily.

Latest drama calendar/broadcast time+actor relationship map

Self -disciplined magazine editor

awkward and cute sports teacher

Passionate and direct magazine publisher

The model of the former model One sister