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Latest drama calendar/broadcast time+actor relatio

"Me I living else", there are Zou Jiani as the screenwriter, and Han Qing is directed. A set of TV series starring the theme of urban parallel space -time feelings starring Zhong Chuxi and Liu Xueyi. The story tells that the heroine Xia Guo faces the intersection of life, on the one hand is the family life that stabilizes Anti, and on the other hand is the life of pursuing dreams to work in Shanghai, and Xia Guo experiences different lives in different time and space. This article will introduce the plot outline, update time, role actor, character relationship, and drama calendar of this drama.

Xia Guo (Zhong Chuxi) and Yu Jian (Liu Xueyi) are the green plums that grew up in Leshan in their hometown of Leshan, where they live a happy and simple life. However, Xia Guo accidentally got an opportunity to work in Shanghai, which made her fall into a dilemma: whether to give up the future and guard her family; or leave her hometown and go to Shanghai to find dreams?

Xia Guohe chose to stay in his hometown, enjoy a quiet and comfortable life, get married and have children, and have a complete family. However, it is necessary to face various challenges in marriage, including different trivial matters such as chai, oil and salt, disputes between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, disagreement with Yu Jian, and so on. There is also a chance to face the marriage crack brought by Yu Jian's gentleness.

Xia Guo chose to go to the bustling city of Shanghai to start her career, which also made her and Yu Jian facing various problems brought by different places. The values of the two are also different. In Shanghai, Xia Guo met his boss Xue Yuming (Lin Yu Shen). He was very good and his work ability was very strong. During the day, they are the best partners at work. At night, they are lovers. However, their relationship cannot be made public, which makes Xia Guo very distressed.

"Darum's other me, have you found happiness?" Which one is the path to "extraordinary"?

There are 24 episodes of "Me I Live elsewhere", played by Tencent Video, 2 episodes per night from May 6 to 9, and then updated each night.

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