2024-04-18 17:39:21

The male star leaves the inner entertainment retur

Taiwanese male star Ou

Ou Di currently has only one show "Atomic Boy". He personally picks up his daughter every day. He said that raising children was very burned, and said with a smile that the major TV stations were looking for him to host. When he was interviewed by the media, he was asked if his daughter could raise her daughter in the future? He laughed and said, "There is not much left, I bought a sports car and bought it, and I have to cheer it!" He was unwilling to publicize a total of several cars, and the next second lamented that his daughter would sell cars in school: "Some sold it! Too much, sell it as soon as possible, it's expensive, dare not buy it, some are not limited to sell, if you are interested, you can go to the website to see, the mileage is very low, sell a car and send children to school. ">

The male star leaves the inner entertainment return development, crying, crying poor, miserable and bursting, there is no way to sell sports cars to adopt women

For the recent situation of Ou Di, many mainland netizens said that he was blame by himself. However, some netizens said that Ou Di still had a sports car in the poor, and called on everyone to worry about themselves!