2024-04-18 16:57:27

The wounded is witnessed to the ground: a few seco

A serious car accident that happened this afternoon (18th), Yau Ma Tei, a BMW shovel on the pedestrian road to hurt three passers -by, and one of the women was unconscious and sent to the hospital. The post -incidents were circulated on the Internet. It can be seen that a wolf borrowed on the scene, and the BMW body was smoking. A red shirt injured head broke his head and fell down the road, and his head was slightly shaking. Without response, passers -by assistance from the side; another injured cycling Han soberly sat on the ground. Passer -people who had avoided a disaster revealed to "Hong Kong 01" that the female wounded "vomited blood" and the driver involved "stayed left" after leaving the carriage. "Time reaction"

The wounded is witnessed to the ground: a few seconds of the process!

online fragment can be seen, the BMW body is smoking, and the fragments are scattered. The blood was left next to the big beach. At that time, his head was slightly shaking, and a man wearing a helmet man supported the rain to block the rain. On the Ningbo Street not far away, a woman was lying on the road, and the jeans fell to the thigh position. There was no response, and a passerby assistant from the side; a injured bike man sat on the pedestrian road near Baijes Street nearby. Fortunately, he was still sober.

Vicky at the scene at the time of the incident said that the private car involved suddenly rushed on the pedestrian road and hit the lamp column, and then "accelerated" a bicycle man, then hit the railing, on the road, on the road Shaking a woman and another person, finally hit the other private car. But I jumped up and avoided it! "Vicky pointed out that the two were seriously injured.

Vicky's shock after avoiding a calamity, and then witnessed the driver who left the carriage to "stay left". He was very angry. The position can run, and the current instinct is a high jump.