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The couple bought the crazy for help Bian Mu, and

Hi, I am a small soft persimmon.

It turns out that the dog is in danger, and he really finds humans for help ...

Not long ago, a girl and boyfriend in Henan encountered a side herd on the way to dinner. It was tied to the tail of a van with an iron chain and could not move alone.

Seeing someone approaching, it is like grabbing life -saving straw, standing up and holding the girl's thighs, and the eyes are full of prayers ...

Because I also like dogs, girls Squatting down and sticking to it, but found that the dog's front legs have been twitching.

At this time, a man appeared, and he scolded Bian Mu's behavior loudly.

The girl pushes the dog gently and wants to check the condition of its legs more clearly. Physical condition, age ... the other party is silent. It wasn't until she asked the dog how much money was sold, and the man quickly said 1,000.

Bian Mu seemed to understand, it raised his head to look at the girl, praying even more.

Although I moved my heart, I thought that there were already two dogs and a few stray cats at home, and the girl would inevitably hesitate.

She decided to eat first and calm down.

Seeing that they were leaving, Bian Mu panicked. It turned her head to her girl's boyfriend and looked at it.

It has been called "嘤 嘤", if it was not tied to the iron chain, I couldn't wait to catch up directly, it seemed to say, "Don't go, please save me!"

It looked like this, and hit the girl's heart fiercely. She was sad, and she decided to take it home ... In the end, they bought Bian Mu at a price of 500 yuan.

They called it "rice rice", and the girl laughed, this is the most expensive meal he had ever eaten. She shared the story of the meal on the big Internet and won 2 million likes in just two days. More careful netizens found that meals were like a dog lost two months ago.

The lost border Mu of Miss Sister is called "Daben". Because she had suffered from canine plague, coronary, and tumor when she was a child, she left sequelae -the front legs would be convulsive uncontrollably.

In February of this year, Da Ben lost unexpectedly and has not been found.

She contacted her girl and sent her photos and videos from small to large, but not expected, even the details such as teeth corresponded ...

obtained the other party’s party’s’s’s. Agree, the younger sister passed the dog as soon as possible. When Da Ben saw her, she immediately jumped into her arms, shaking her tail and coquettishly.

It seems to be telling thoughts, and it is like telling grievances.

During the two months, it also missed its owner all the time ... Now, Da Ben successfully retrieved his owner, and went to the girl and boyfriend to say goodbye to them before leaving.

Miss Sister also expressed her gratitude and took the initiative to bear 500 yuan for buying dogs. Daben is undoubtedly lucky.

It encountered a kind girl, and then returned to the owner who loved himself. Perhaps fate has already had its own arrangements, because the rice is the same as "Ben" in Minnan. In other words, rice is running.

I really hope that all the loses can meet the soft gods and finally return to the owner.

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